The Ultimate List Of Blogs For School Trustees

School trustees play an important role in any academy. They must ensure that the strategic direction of the school is maintained and they act as a critical friend to the staff. They typically manage the budget and ensure that resources are allocated accordingly. As a trustee, it can be useful to stay on top of the latest trends in order to deliver the best possible outcome and make informed decisions. Below, we are going to look at some of the best blogs that can be useful for school trustees.


If you are hoping to gain some insights into the latest news within the education industry, KQED might be the best blog for you. While this blog covers a number of different news topics, you’ll find that the education section can be extremely useful. They cover some of the inequities that students face in schools around the world and offer guidance on what educators must do to help the next generation. You’ll find articles on school closures, supreme court battles in the USA and more at this helpful blog.

AI Kingsley

In 2020, EdTech and distance learning has become a hot topic and many school trustees need to ensure they are staying on top of the latest trends. This is why AI Kingsley’s blog has made our list. This blog has information on everything from economical EdTech to social issues such as bullying in schools. AI Kingsley knows what he is talking about with over 20 years’ experience in education roles. He also acts as Chair of 2 Multi Academy Trusts and is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. This is a blog that specialises in information for trustees so shouldn’t be ignored.

eLearning Industry

If you are involved in the eLearning industry and want to keep up with any updates or new technology that is on offer, the eLearning Industry blog might be a good read. This blog covers everything from virtual classroom software to changing behaviour in an eLearning environment. Trustees can benefit from getting expert advice from contributors such as Cindy Pascale and Jessica Schultz. On this blog, you can even find the latest press releases that could come in handy.

Free Tech 4 Teachers

Another blog that we think school trustees could really benefit from is Free Tech 4 Teachers. This blog has been around since 2007 and has many posts that offer advice on the latest tech. The blog aims to share resources for teachers but this doesn’t mean that trustees cannot also benefit. The blog was created by Richard Byrne who is a computer science teacher. With experience in talking at multiple events, he can be trusted to offer expert advice. There is even a handy newsletter that comes with a tip of the week.

The Washington Post

Everyone has heard of the Washington Post but did you know that they have a blog section that focuses on education? For school trustees, the information in this blog is very useful in learning a bit more about what is going on within the industry. Some of the latest topics to be covered include teaching kids how to spot misinformation on social media and articles on college lectures. If you haven’t already checked out the Washington Post, this may be one to consider.

The Headteacher’s Report

The Headteacher’s Report is a great resource for school trustees online. This resource has some great blogs on there including topics that focus on remote learning during the pandemic. You can also learn a bit more about life as a headteacher which can prove valuable for trustees who might not understand exactly what this kind of role involves. On top of the blog, you can also benefit from a report generation service on this website so it is worth looking into.

CIS Perspectives

Finally, you should make sure to pay a visit to CIS Perspectives. This website tackles a lot of very serious topics in relation to education and school trustees could really benefit from it. Some of the most popular topics on this website include cybersecurity practices, racism in schools and much more. The blog boasts that it is helping those who are shaping the future of international education. We recommend this one for school trustees looking for some valuable insights.

Visit These Blogs

If you are a school trustee and you are looking for some new resources, you should try to visit all of the blogs that made our list. Not all will be suitable for the kind of information that you require but if you don’t check them out, you could miss out on something very important.

These blogs can arm you with the knowledge that you need to help your school grow into something special. Don’t miss out on getting this valuable information today.


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