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There are Octobers

There are Octobers in my dreams,
Penning the tales on fallen leaves,
Singing the tune with angels’ psalms,
Rejoicing peace through Autumn’s fall.
When mornings paint the heaven’s arms,
There are Octobers in my soul.
There are rich colours in my thoughts,
Drawing fresh hopes at daylights’ gates,
Pinning pure joy in magic knots
As golden sun life celebrates.
When earth turns fortitude to bliss,
Complete, sublime, heavenly kiss,
There are Octobers in my dreams.
© Simona Prilogan
Image by Screamenteagle from Pixabay
by simonaprilogan

After a 30-year career as a healthcare professional, Simona shifted the path to an artistic perspective. She is currently a BA student at the University of Westminster, approaching the Creative Writing and English Literature on a deeper level.
Simona is proud to have published two poetry collections: ‘Daydreams among chestnut trees’ (2021, Bucharest, Siono) and ‘Carving Magic’ (2023, London, Austin Macauley Publishers), along with several collaborations on collective anthologies.


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