Top 3 Female Actors to ever star in Casino Movies

To be frank, poker is not the game of chance many believe it to be. Rather, it’s a skill-based game in which those with the right set of skills will probably win in the end. Focus, persistence, strategy, analytical mind, discipline, emotional health, and, of course, psychology are some of the most important and competitive skills that any online casino player would need to win at any game they are playing. These skills are highlighted in the popular casino genre of movies. These skills are not only displayed by male actors, but rather some of the most notable roles come from their female counterparts.

Kate Bosworth as Jill Taylor (“21”) 

When you play blackjack, you are constantly under pressure. Every decision you make impacts your round massively. You’ll sometimes have to play many extremely difficult hands in a row, and you’ll have to make the best choices you can every time. This was significant in the film 21, where Jill (played by Kate Bosworth) was faced with several high-pressure situations at various points when gambling. She forms part of Mickey’s blackjack team of expert card counters. The ability to maintain control with her friends gave them the edge over other players which resulted in multiple success.

Piper Laurie as Sarah Packard (“The Hustler”) 

The ability to maintain proper risk management is another important skill to maintain in the casino. If Eddie had learned to calm down and plan better in the casino, Sarah’s life in “The Hustler” may not have ended in such a tragic way. Piper Laurie displays Sarah’s character as a limping alcoholic, trying to make it through college part time. The quickest way to lose all of your money is to have poor bankroll control, play higher than you can afford, or take too many shots. Many poker players have to learn this lesson on their own before understanding there is no way around it. On the plus side, learning to manage your bankroll in poker will ready you for other circumstances in life.

Sharon Stone as Ginger McKenna (“Casino”) 

Apparently, Ginger’s companionship with her boyfriend was the major thing that spelt their doom and that of the casino. Lack of proper orientation, lack of patience and understanding of people due to her own personal problems didn’t bode well. Sharon Stone excellently portrays the character of Ginger Mckenna, the unloving, manipulative villain. Casino games require you to be in the right state of mind at all times. It involves the ability to study your opponent and deduce their move. Poker, as an example, does a great job of simulating life in some ways, and it will teach you how to identify emotions like fear, anxiety, and excitement in others, but Sarah isn’t. As we know, practice makes perfect, you can start your journey https://www.platincasino.co.uk/slots-games/best to get better at playing poker.



In casino games, as in any other area of life, your own psychology is crucial. Psychology here, is nothing more than the ability to assess your mental status at the table in comparison to others. It also refers to your ability to sway your opponents’ decisions. It’s worth noting that people who know how to psychology have a success rate of 53% on average. The actresses in this list highlight how important it is to maintain these skills. 

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