True Love Is Falling

You are a king among men. As rare as they come. Made up of all that is good and all that’s right about being wrong. Even though I have never been more grateful for anybody in my life, this piece won’t be about you. It’s about the creation of Your Love. The way it has brought to life the too much woman that I am. It’s been a challenge surrendering to your love, too busy holding resentment of your sex for the mistreatment of my kind. Waiting to be called out of my name or burned alive for my ritualistic tendencies. Instead, your love has illuminated places of me I wouldn’t have found otherwise. A strength that outwits the wind¬† and a brightness that burns the Sun . When I accept your love I can recognize my true identity in every Challenge and Circumstance. It makes me blind to fear and deaf to doubt. Loving you has me reaching the farthest corners of my femininity, searching for truth. The most authentic parts of my nature, untainted by the rough hands of control. No rationality or logic can sway the spell you have me under. The sense of security building inside me can topple the highest of mountains and take me to Stars still unknown to man. I wish Every Woman to have someone like you, always ready to create a safe place for her to be any and every version of herself. Marveled by her every angle and shade. Inspired by whichever way her wit and charm is displayed. Until then, I will be that woman. A reflection of what a man’s love can do to her. A symbol of Hope and a reminder of what they can look forward to, when they’re brave enough to finally fall.

by Mindgallery74

I am a 34 year old mother and creative writer. My 11 year old daughter is my motivation and my partner, my inspiration. Writing saved my life and it's a way that i continue to heal myself. For now, it is my highest expression and i look forward to helping somebody else heal through my transformative experiences that i write about. I also love to sing, dance and talk to trees.

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