Two of You

sunkissed skin, summer glow

wintry heart, cold as snow

eyes with warmth, flame ablaze

yet freezing is your icy gaze

once i’m normal, twice i’m strange

meanings shift when seasons change.

maybe you can hear, but you can’t listen

wondering what i could have done differently

quietly thinking about what went wrong

where cacophony came out of a sweet song

and your hands started feeling like shards of glass

when i couldn’t help but hurt when i saw you passing by

is this goodbye?

to who we were before?

or is this hello?

as soon your hands will feel

like warmth and comfort

when seeing you makes me think of love first

i open the cupboard

to look for meaning

but all I see are feelings fleeting

as you start games I cannot play

feelings change like night and day

it looks like nice, warm stories told

but feels more like the perennial cold.

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by riaxm

I'm a second year college student in the Bay Area looking to inspire people through writing! Some things that inspire me are fairy lights, green tea, and the smell of fresh laundry. My favorite poem at the moment is Song Unsung by Rabindranath Tagore.

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