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I wanna know why

It gets so hard 

To understand

Why things are 

The way that they are


It’s easier 

To pretend

That it isn’t real

So you could live 

In  your fantasy world

Pain and suffering

Is not the only way 

For things to change

There are other ways 


This is 

Wishful thinking

At best

Only trying to 

Make sense of the


That I’m supposed to belong in

Our land 


Be shared 

My scars are your scars

My pain is your pain

But still

I feel your words

Stinging like a bee

Differences like a fault in the earth

Running deep

Deeper than the ocean

Deeper than the history 

That binds us 


Divides us

History keeps me up at night

As I find solace 

In the silence 

I swim in a river

Of my ancestor’s tears 

Waning, wary, worry

Don’t wipe my tears

If you are the cause

Stronger than our history

Bigger than these images

For us, against us, and about us

But we refuse to be your playthings

by Eye Ree

I write poems that are a direct representation of the way that I see the world, serving as a reflection of the good and the bad. I hope you will enjoy them as much I have enjoyed writing them.

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