We Know The Facts

We know the facts.
We know the statistics.
We’ve even read the articles.
We’ve heard the stories,
the spoken word poems,
the raps,
even the cries
of the hurting.
But what have we done?
We are mindless consumers of other people’s pain.
We sit back and “educate ourselves”
but the testimonies of the oppressed
are not easily heard.
Their ancestors
of having a voice —
a platform.
But we are
We take their stories for granted,
diminishing the value of these testimonies
and thus diminishing the people who tell them —
or don’t —
because they don’t have the
to tell it for themselves.
We are consumers of other people’s pain.

by amariew

My name is Amanda Marie Walker. I am a senior at Geneva College studying psychology & sociology. I currently live in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania with my husband, Alexander. Together, we host a podcast called Twist Talks. I currently work as a Student Admissions Counselor at Geneva College and an Operations Associate at The Found Gen. My passions include: mental health, social justice, writing, music, and podcasts!


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