What Happens When a Car Crashes into Your Small Business?

Car accidents happen all the time. In many cases, the accidents involve two vehicles or a vehicle and a pedestrian. In some cases, they involve cars crashing into buildings. When this happens, the car can take out your whole storefront, which will necessitate that you close the business for a few days or weeks as the repairs are being done.

Costly Expense

Storefront crashes are a problem in places that have no barriers in front of the store. When they happen, they can put your business, employees, customers and bystanders in jeopardy. Additionally, the business has to deal with costly repairs or even the cost of moving to a temporary location.

But, to avoid all this, you can protect your business by minimising parking spaces in front of the business or installing barriers. Fortunately, there are provisions in place to help you do this legally.

Business Insurance

When such crashes happen, business insurance can be very handy. However, you might need more than one type of insurance to help protect your business.

Property insurance protects the building if you own it. It also protects your property such as equipment, inventory, computers and tools. General liability insurance can cover any damages if you are held liable for an injury to a third party, although in many cases, the car’s driver will be liable. Business Interruption covers any losses incurred when you close your business as repairs are being done.

Finally, workers’ compensation can help you provide cover for any employees injured during the accident.

Getting Compensated

When such accidents happen, you might need to go to the hospital and end up with a huge hospital bill. This is why many people sue for personal injury when they happen. To get started with claiming for a car accident or a crash into your store, document the damage to the building. Additionally, note any injuries to your workers because they may also need to be compensated for their injuries.

Next, you should get treatment immediately. This is so that you can discover if there is anything you need to be concerned about and so that the hospital records can be used as evidence in your case.

Next, you should call a lawyer. Although you were not in the vehicle at the time, the lawyer can help you with claiming for a car accident as a third-party bystander. Law firms such as Smith Jones Solicitors can help with the process of claiming for a car accident as a third party. You can get a free consultation with them and they have a team standing by to answer any questions you have and get the compensation you deserve.

Getting Back to Business

It is important to talk to your business insurance provider to see how much they can give you for the damages done to the business and likely your inventory. It might not be much but it may help get your business back up and running.

Storefront crashes happen more often than many people think. When they do, they can make you close the business and likely result in hospitalisation. The most important thing to do is document everything to be used as evidence when you decide to claim compensation.

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