What I Think About Friendship

I am a friend to those who seek my friendship. I don’t care who you are, what you do, or what you have or don’t have. I don’t care about your past. I just accept who you are.

If you’re my friend, I’m also a friend, until you decide that I’m not. No pretenses.

I’ll always try to be nice to you, tell you the truth even if it hurts because I care for you. I know when to keep my mouth shut and to wag my tongue. Don’t expect me to kiss your ass just so I’d be your friend. You don’t have to kiss mine to be my friend. I’m nice. Just one caveat, I can be savage too if I need be.

I am your friend not because of what I can get from you. I offer you friendship not business. I am your friend not your subordinate.

I am your friend until you decide otherwise.

Superficial friendship is not my thing. I am not a friend when it is convenient. My friendship doesn’t care if it’s convenient or not. It’s true. It’s real. I care. It’s genuine. I don’t make pretenses.

If I tell you I miss you, it’s because I do. That’s just something that I don’t say casually as an expression or something that I’d say randomly without meaning it.

I can be a true friend even if you’re faking it, but I don’t have any qualms letting you go when I know you’re just using me. You can walk out anytime. The door is wide open. If you choose to come back and be my friend again, I’d open my door for you and you can come in.

Real friends are hard to find. Fair weather friends abound. I’m a hurricane myself with a bit of a sunshine. The ones who ride with me in my storm are so few. Most of them just want to enjoy the warmth of my sunshine. I’d like to keep the ones who can and will brave the storms with me. They are the ones who deserve a ray of my sunshine and enjoy my rainbow.

by Penchie Limbo

I'm Penchie from the Philippines, and I'm passionate about writing. Anything that sparks joy, hope, and inspiration goes into my writing. I enjoy quiet moments, a cup of coffee alone, with friends, or loved ones. Eating out or at home is my family's choice of bonding moment.

I try do small things with great love so that everything I do gives honor and glory to God.


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