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What you will never see

I float like I did in your belly

I bob gently catch each coming wave


from the shore the tide breaks

like my voice on the phone


you’re an ocean apart from me

days lost                     years past


yesterday        I almost           drown

I felt you in my stomach


still attached to your umbilical cord.


Today I just float

as if you are holding me up


if you call                   now

I’ll dive for the phone


When you hear my voice       you’ll talk

I’ll still be out here on the lake


I’ve lost the hope I held out for you

It’ll                  never               happen


I will keep drifting

I’ll spill a few words in the wake


and I’ll hang on to what’s washed ashore

something minor to remember it all by.


by Tania Erzinger

TAK Erzinger is an American/Swiss poet and artist with a Colombian background.
Her poetry has been featured by journals at Indiana University, Cornell University, McMaster University, the University of Baltimore and more. Erzinger’s poetry collection “At the Foot of the Mountain,” (Floricanto Press 2021), won the University of Indianapolis, Etchings Press Whirling Prize for 2021 for best nature poetry book and was a finalist at The International Book Awards 2022. It was also a finalist at the Willow Run Book Awards and Eyelands Book Awards. Her poetry collection “Tourist” (Sea Crow Press 2023) was released in April. Erzinger has been awarded a spot by the Art Centre Padula, Artist in Residency Programme summer 2023.

She lives on the foothills of the Alps in Switzerland with her husband and two cats.


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