Why Apps Are the Next Goldmine for Savvy Tech Execs

There is a place for the mobile app in every market on Earth. Considering the sheer penetration of devices with app stores and the ability to quickly and easily install and run any number of the innumerable apps available to them in the palm of their hand and its easy to see why smart tech execs would pay close attention to the space, and make sure their products tie in to the app economy. Whether you’re producing a companion app for full-sized application suites or an app your customers would use instead of an online web store, there’s a very good reason why apps are the next goldmine for savvy tech execs.

Apps are Big Business

Business professionals use a good number of apps every day to accomplish their work, particularly those related to their company’s software portfolio. Companies that make holistic use of Google’s G-Suite will almost certainly have apps like Gmail and Google Drive installed on their phones and use them extensively, so it makes sense that your business, no matter the market you operate in, has an app to offer these users too. Smart businesses will quickly realize what an app can do for them and their brand and business offerings.

Interactive Education

It’s not only business where you can make an impact using apps. The education market is embracing the power of technology and apps too – particularly at foundation phases where fun, colorful, and interactive apps are desired. You’re not only going to find these educational and reference apps on the phones of kids though. Apps like reference dictionaries and pharmaceutical guides for medical professionals are big business too, as are those that cover the study of law.

Tying these educational apps into an educational product or toy means that your brand gets even more exposure, and brand synergy between platforms is a very powerful thing. Think of Lego and how their products have been turned into games and creative building games with an educational spin.

The Growth of Gaming

The big money, however, comes from the incredibly lucrative world of casual mobile gaming. The number of people who download and play games is higher than ever before and these casual, easily accessible mobile games which offer entertainment on the go or in downtime of both kids and adults make good money via a system of microtransactions or upfront purchase – or a combination.

Apart from actual games, companies can and often do create simple mobile games that tie into their brand to promote a service or product in a fun and interactive way. With this strategy, while the app itself might not make money, it can be a very powerful marketing tool.

We’re Social at Heart

We love to communicate with other humans and the advent of social media has made this very easy to do. Of course, this means that the reputation of brands and interactions your customers have with you are widely shared too. It wouldn’t be false to say that social media can make or break a company. If your company finds itself on the wrong side of a viral tweet or Facebook post which gains traction, you might find yourself doing damage control. Having a presence on these platforms to both respond to and try and control these narratives is a very necessary thing.

Not only that, but they can be really great marketing tools as companies who interact and enjoy a more personal relationship with their customers have demonstrated. Even enormous companies like Wendy’s have found a way to relate to and interact with their customers using these mobile social media apps.

Free Yourself of the Detail

There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into designing and creating an app. There are software development, user interface considerations, and graphical elements that all need to be tied together to create a good quality app.

You’ll need to invest significant resources into making something that gains user acceptance and that means a strong focus on how easy it is to actually use. This functional testing to ensure that your creation is usable and intuitive is incredibly important and outsourcing this testing and development will give you time to focus on creative ideas and not have you bogged down in the details. You can find more information here. Global App Testing provides on-demand testing services. They use crowd testing and intelligent automation.

When a user installs your app on their phone or device, your brand is always there, right in front of them, each and every time they lift up their device, no matter the reason. Your logo is present on their phone’s screen. Not only that, but you also control every aspect of the user experience when your customers or users are using your app. Every available pixel of screen space is yours to use as you want with the goal of driving engagement and increase sales or product uptake. Smart tech execs are taking full advantage of what the app market can do for them.


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