Why Do Salon Owners Need To Prepare Themselves For Once Restrictions Are Lifted?

12th April sees the reopening of beauty salons across the country and salon owners, employees and clients are eager to get back to business. The following link is helping beauty salons prepare for reopening: https://flawlesslashesbyloreta.com/blogs/news/lashes-in-lockdown. Below, we take a look at what salons need to know, aside from the obvious government guidelines. 

Aside from a brief opening in summer 2020, salons have been closed for a year. A lot can happen in that time. Fashion trends are one of the fastest-changing aspects of the modern world. While all salon owners will do their best to keep up with current trends, it can be difficult to know exactly what clients want, without the usual demand for treatments on their premises.

One of the best insights into what the public wants is by analysing Google search trends. While customers have been stuck at home for so many months, their searches for certain styles have soured.

Let’s take a look at the most sought-after eyelash trends in 2021.

Lash Lift

The lash lift is nothing new to the world of beauty, but clients are wanting it more than ever. The great thing about a lash lift is that it’s quicker than traditional lash extensions and can last even longer than them.

A lash lift is also far less maintenance than lash extensions and clients don’t have to worry about getting it topped-up in between sessions.

We all hope we won’t go back into a lockdown after this spring. However, it’s better to be prepared, should clients get a lash lift and the worse happens again, they will still have great lashes for a long period, without having to worry about visiting a professional. 

Kim K Styling

She’s hit headlines throughout lockdown and this always spurs the want for the public to copy her amazing lash look.

If you haven’t already trained your staff in Kim K styling, the next few weeks is the perfect opportunity to do so. If you already have this knowledge, don’t forget to order the stock you need to perform these treatments.

Another great way to get customers through the door after lockdown is to brag about being able to provide this look all over your social media, don’t forget those hashtags! 

M Curl Lashes

M curl lashes didn’t get the recognition they deserved when they came onto the market. Lockdown swiftly left them a bit forgotten about.

Thanks to celebrities endorsing them, they are now making a comeback with search interest. M curls are a type of lash extension that gives the most subtle, yet also striking curl to clients eyelids.


They are really easy to fan, making treatment times quicker and with so many lengths available, almost every style can be accommodated. 

Pre-Made Fan Lashes

Pre-made fans are a must-have for every beauty salon. Our clients have waited a long time for their favourite beauty treatments and when we reopen, it’s crucial to be able to see as many of them as possible or we risk losing them to competitors.

But we all know there are only so many hours in the day, so we need to find ways to fit more sessions in.

Pre made fans dramatically shorten the length of time it takes to apply lash extensions, without compromising on the quality.

Lash Serum

Upselling is a great way to make more money, while also showing your clients you care about them even when they aren’t in the salon. Recommending products that can help them and showing them how to use them can make a huge difference to your brand.

Lash serum has become more popular than ever. In fact, search interest for it has risen by 150% in the last year.

What Can Salons Do Before April?

Above are the trends to prepare for, but there are so many more elements salons can be working on to make sure they get the most out of their business before reopening.

  1. Practice

With this last month of ‘downtime’ use it to practice. Even the most skilled and experienced artists will have lost some of their skills from a year of not practising.

Use members of your household or mannequins, even make up sponges. It isn’t just the art of lashes itself. Remember your bedside manner and etiquette. It isn’t just the skills clients are paying for, it’s the relaxation time in the salon many crave.

  1. Your Brand

Your salon may need a new coat of paint or perhaps your business cards are a bit outdated. Maybe your website has been neglected and your social media has been a bit quiet.

Time to spruce things up. Why not offer opening week promotions to get those clients back in the door.

  1. Organise 

From the paperwork that should have been filed years ago to tools that love to go missing, it’s time to organise everything. 

Check your inventory, what are you low on? What trends should you make sure are fully stocked? Now is the time to order.

We can’t wait for salons to be back open and hopefully they will not have to close again. The struggle isn’t over yet, even when doors are open, some businesses may struggle. However, following the above can help you get the best start.

by Harness Editor

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