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Witchcraft, Generational Trauma & Politics

We have been fighting against ourselves for so long and as we watch the collapse of systems and ideas there’s one common theme, I see…

A desire to return to who we are and the inherent connection and wisdom we have with nature. Yes, it’s a terrifying time globally, and no I’m not understating that but look at why it’s happening.  People all over the world are resisting the continuation of patriarchal, Christian religious, capitalistic, and white supremacist systems. There’s an itch that’s been bubbling to the surface for many pre-pandemic and post-pandemic, well that itch has gone from mild to unignorable.

We have access to information through technology like never before. You simply need to go on social media to see what life is like for someone a world away, to hear untaught histories and truths by educators and activists. Scientists, doctors, and grassroots organizers are finding other methods of informing us since many government officials and politicians refuse to listen. It’s an age of destruction and rebirth as we watch our younger generations refuse to live inside boxes and call out the harm done and passed down through generations. They refuse to deny themselves their full lived experiences, and their full sexual exploration and they are largely unafraid of pointing out where we need to deconstruct our own beliefs and ways of living.

It’s a mix of beautiful chaos and devastating collateral damage as we witness the blatant attack on black and indigenous folks, all melanated folk, to be honest, women, trans, and non-binary humans, and let’s not forget the overall attack on mama earth, whom we’re meant to be protectors and stewards of. The very place we were born to that has provided us with abundance and has only asked that in return we honor it, treat it as sacred along with all its beings we try to claim ownership of and use to justify the collateral damage.

This all comes as more and more souls on this earth are questioning everything they’ve been taught and finding a deep call to heal. I’m a generational liberation coach and my work centers around matrilineal line trauma along with the effects of learning sexual shame. I’m also a practicing witch. I cannot even begin to explain how many inquiries I’ve had in the last month alone for my work. I predicted this and while I’d be much happier not to be of such great need, I’m happy to be here as a healer and facilitator of people reconnecting to their internal wisdom and the wisdom of mama earth.

At this point, you may be thinking I’m just another woo-woo white chick talking about drum circles and whatever else you perceive as a white woman witch so let’s define what I mean when I say I’m a practicing witch and how that applies to the destruction and rebirth I discussed above.

What are witches? Well historically they were Jewish or heretics charged with going against the Christian church. Yep, most of your European witch trials were built on antisemitism. With that, it was also about trying to eradicate pagan practices and ensure everyone falls in line (we’ve seen this many times throughout history). One of my ancestors was a Salem Witch Trial victim and a few more came from the European trials. But what were these witches exactly? They were midwives, healers, herbalists, and spiritual leaders within their communities. They were often educated and practiced medicine, taught, healed, and were very much in touch with the natural world.

That’s a very dangerous thing to allow to go unchecked if you desire to limit power. If an entire community doesn’t need to worship at the altar of a pope, politician, or tyrant that makes it especially hard for the said pope, politician, or tyrant to take control of them. If said people live in connection with one another and the earth, learning from it and free of messages of shame and lack of one person over another they don’t need you. Pretty good reason to try wiping out practices that go against the beliefs you’re trying to impose, and the communities of people attached to said practices.

This has happened for centuries, and we’ve built an entire world full of people who live with sexual shame, deep-seated generational and religious trauma, disconnected from their culture and its practices, and in fear of anything different from them. It’s why when you see another white woman calling herself a witch you cringe a little because you immediately think of a woman culturally appropriating all the things. She’s lives, laugh, and loving her day away doing yoga, with her yoni egg, doing sex magic while burning white sage, and being surrounded by decorative statues of Lakshmi and Buddha. You can see it right? We do that 1. Because we’ve been taught, that we’re entitled to cherry-pick and whitewash parts of culture, and 2. Because we have no idea what our cultural practices are because the hydra that is the patriarchy, Christianity, and white supremacy wanted them wiped out so we’re reliant on their word.

So, fuck yes to witchcraft as in the practice based on being in connection with the earth and discovering your roots, your ancestral practices, and coming home to your body, self, and the global community. Fuck yes, to witchcraft that is based on healing the generational trauma to unpack the sexual shame, religious conditioning, patriarchal conditional, and divesting from white supremacy. That’s my kind of craft and that craft includes getting into connection with my natural cycle as a uterus owner, seeing my body and sexuality as powerful, and asking myself how I can honor mama earth today.

My craft includes supporting science and medicine but asks it to work with nature and be equitable and holistic. My craft isn’t a this or that practice. That’s some messaging from the hydra. You can honor nature, and ask for medicine, science, and technology to honor nature. You can trust a vaccine designed to protect the greater good because you understand those seen as disabled will be most impacted by its spread and still demand acknowledgment and change for all the harm done within modern gynecology and the ways reproductive care has been grossly damaging to black and indigenous uterus owners.

The coming back into practice with our ancestral “magic” isn’t just about protection spells, self-love baths, and money magic although all these practices are beautiful, and I do them. No, it’s also about healing, deconstructing, and rebirthing in alignment with mama earth and all her beings. So mote it!

by Valerie Schrader

I’m your resident generational trauma coach, sex educator, and earth witch!

For over 2 decades I’ve been doing Somatic Experiencing, Childhood Trauma Integration through practices like IFS Parts Work, Somatic Movement & Embodiment Work, EFT, Meditation, Breath Work, and Intuitive Guidance.

I’ve supported thousands of Women, AFAB, and Couples in that time and I’ve spoken at dozens of events about healing mother wounds, generational trauma, sacred sexuality, and my own experiences growing up with a narcissistic mom, being a former sex worker, business baddie that’s owned and run 3 businesses and I’ve led dozens of group programs. As a practicing witch for nearly 3 decades that works with ancestral, elemental, and herbalism I bring a special edge to my practice because I believe we can hold the dualities of science and mystical practices while working with the mind, body, and spirit.

I’ve gone from food stamps to building a 6-figure business as a single mom. I’ve gone from being hospitalized for a suicide attempt, losing my fiancé, and friends, nearly losing my business and feeling worthless to turning it all around by developing radical self-love and worth as I released the old wounds, toxic patterns, and people and welcomed in success, abundance, and joy in all areas of my life along with wildly fulfilling relationships. I’ve seen many clients do the same inner work to drastically change themselves and their outer world, so I know it’s possible for all of us.

A few other fun facts about me: I’m a mama of one amazing non-binary daughter who's in college, I’m a huge animal lover with 2 dogs and a crazy cat, I’ve experienced housing and food insecurity and building my business to 7 and 6 figures each and started both with under $1,000 because I’m resourceful AF, I was a professional aerialist for 17 years and trained jazz & blues singer. Social justice work is hella important to me and I come from a long line of activists (my German Jewish grandma legit stood up to Nazis like the badass she was)!


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