You Are Your Own Fairy Of Guidance.


Yes, you are.

Often times we tend to let our capabilities get overlapped by the ever drowning self doubts within, habituating ourselves to keep seeking the confidence, assurety and the self worth from another in the form of an advice, a suggestion or sometimes even easily given authority to another of our part on the decision making.

well, darling that’s exactly your wake up call to take up your responsibilities of the roller coaster ride called life, filled with several ups and downs, tests, challenges and some ever rising questions.

Please know that it’s you and only you, who can find answers to them, only you can carry out yourself with ease, who can pass through the several tests and no matter how puzzled, challenges can be, who can be the ultimate solving champion. who’s worth everything life throws at and the only deserving for everything revolving around you. Regardless of all the limitless tests within yourself, it is you and only you who has to face it and battle against all odds that stands before you and conquer through all the thorny battles. Have faith in yourself because no one can do it better than you! After all you’re a fairy brimming with spectacular magic leaving one and all in awe. You just need to know how to work your wand and rest shall work it’s own part.

At times you feel lost, please don’t forget, you’re your only rescue boat. You’re your best friend who can guide you the most. When things start to fall short, Remind yourself of your capabilities to have the situation saught. To be your own fairy of guidance, to this world were you brought.

You may at times, feel hopeless but please don’t stop standing by yourself nonetheless.

Be the first one to lift yourself up when you fall. Listen to your heart and guide yourself through all.

You are your fairy of guidance. With a wand of magic in abundance. Use it well and make yourself a better space to dwell.

by thepoeticsisterss

Amirah Riza & Aamilah Riza are twin sisters, writers/poets also known as (@thepoeticsisterss) on Instagram. Also they run their own podcast (Happy Place by thepoeticsisterss) including their write ups so that they can connect with a wider audience, spreading love, hope, joy and positivity as a part of their goal in their writing journey.

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