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Zen Your Skincare & Beauty Routine

For many women, our everyday flow of things; walk the dog, actually eat breakfast and not just a cold brew, make sure the kids are still alive, call Kate to make sure she’s OK, check in with mom, actually use the Peloton, do laundry, make dinner, do the dishes – the tidiest ongoing task, chores and not to mention, work.

No wonder our anxiety and stress levels are high – where is time for number one? We aren’t taught enough about the importance of self-care, which goes beyond eating healthy, working out, and soaking in a hot tub of Epsom salt, bubbles, and wine. It extended into our environment – our home, our office, even our commute.

To help us find tranquility and just those subtle five minutes of “do not disturb” time – eco-luxe skincare brand, Zen + Ether is here to help. Focusing on ‘inner calm, outer glow’ – because beauty is more than just skin deep – it involves the mind, body/soul, and nourishing all are equally important.

It all starts with relaxation.

Lack of rest and relaxation can manifest itself into premature aging, puffy eyes, and dull skin. – Shandale Forbes, Founder of Zen + Ether

So how does this skincare brand help you relax? By incorporating only the finest essential oils and ingredients giving you and your skin complete Zen and providing you with tools and resources to help your calming, beauty ritual.

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by avluvsu

Serial entrepreneur, coffee addict, dog mom, nerd and single AF.


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