300+ Days Sober


I haven’t had a drink since New Year’s Eve. Since 2015. It’s November 27, 2016. That’s 331 days. I have some friends who say they couldn’t go that long without a drink. Some friends shrug their shoulders and admit that they could give it up. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have a drinking problem. Due to some health issues, it’s just something that I can’t have right now. I’m not against it but I don’t miss it. Here are some thoughts on what it’s like to not drink for 331 days:

  • You start to enjoy other beverages. Things like nitro cold brew coffee or La Croix or just plain water (with lemon).
  • You enjoy your food a bit more. When you aren’t sharing the spotlight with a cocktail, you really taste your food differently.
  • It’s hard(er) to be social. It’s not that I can’t handle not It’s just not as fun to constantly be ordering tiny club sodas with lime over and over and over while everyone else gets tipsy.
  • Because socializing is harder, you end up doing all the things you always wanted to do. Things like, painting for 100 days straight or reading books or traveling
  • You lose weight! I’ve heard this from various people who gave up drinking. I can’t really speak to this specifically because I’ve also cut down on sugar and dairy but I know there’s truth there!
  • You face your stress and anxiety head on. The habit of picking up a bottle of wine because you had a tough day suddenly isn’t an option. You have to realize why you stress drink or eat or binge. It’s tough but it’s good.
  • The challenge? Finding my community in other places!

Have you ever abstained from anything intentionally? What did you learn?


Author:  Allison Lehman
Email:  allie@thewonderjam.com
Bio:   Allie Lehman co-owns The Wonder Jam with her husband in Columbus, Ohio. They help tiny businesses grow their own brand by offering workshops, design, photography and coaching.
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3 responses to “300+ Days Sober

  1. I’ve had to cut back on alcohol in the last few months for health reasons too. The increased enjoyment of non-alcoholic drinks is so real! LaCroix is my new champagne ?.

    Congrats on putting your health first!

  2. I was addicted to cocaine, champagne, and and partying like a rockstar! I’ve been clean and sober for over 12 years. It’s amazing how recovery for me was like a flipped switch. It never even crosses my mind. I would get so frustrated when people talked about relapse. They said I should be prepared for when it happened, and I thought that was wrong. I mean, if your focusing on preventing a relapse, what you focus on expands, so you’re probably going to relapse!so once I made up my mind, once it became a must, it was done.

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