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6 Tips for Sustainable Journey for Home-Based Women Entrepreneurs

Women are multitasking in all areas. We all know that women have a very special talent for juggling it all – work, family, society, and (sporadically) self. However, launching a home-based business is not as easy as many pretend it to be.

Women entrepreneurs invented the home-based business many generations ago. Talented women turned their passionate hobbies into small business endeavors and never considered leaving the home to do it. Yet, it wasn’t until the late 1980s, as the recession grew and men lost their jobs in record numbers and launched consulting practices, that home-based businesses were given credibility.

Today, home-based businesses are the fastest-growing small business in the country. 67% of woman-owned businesses start as home-based businesses.

1. When you dress for success, you’ll gain success.

Yes, you don’t have to dress daily as the professional businesswoman you are, but if you try and do your work dressed for a slumber party or workout session, your business will take on the energy of your mood. Look in the mirror. When you see a successful professional woman looking back at you, you are ready to work.

2. Don’t juggle household duties while on the phone.

Do you really believe that the person on the other end of the phone can’t hear how distracted you are when you spend time unloading the dishwasher or dryer, folding clothes, or even getting caught up on your email?

Be honest with yourself. If you don’t have time to devote to a home-based business, don’t set one up just because you believe it is convenient.

Working for yourself is not about what is convenient – it is all about having control. When you are in control of your time, you must give up the juggling and replace it with walking a tightrope. Focus, focus, focus, and you won’t fall.

3. Define your business space.

Just because you are setting up shop at home does not mean you don’t need adequate space for business equipment and supplies. This is specifically true for creative artists and home-based voiceover studios.

And, MOST IMPORTANT, A DOOR to keep out uninvited (unnecessary to the business) visitors. In other words, no crying babies or barking dogs in the background. No children ask for help with their homework or permission to watch TV. Your workspace at home needs to be off-limits!

4. Focus on Personal you.

Are you operating your business, or is your professional life operating you?

Just because you are busy running to see clients, running to network for more business, and running around to meet the needs of your employees, doesn’t mean you are running a healthy business.

The health of a business depends as much on the health (physical, mental, and spiritual) of the entrepreneur as it does on the business practices of the organization.

To prove this point, I ask you to think of the most successful moments in your life and business. Very often, these moments cross paths. In my experience, the businesswoman that understands she needs as much care and nurturing as her business, clients, and employees are the woman others are attracted.

People and that means customers, are drawn to happy people who have a healthy outlook on life. Some call it positive thinking. I call it a healthy balance of inner strength and awareness – knowledge of your true limits.

Stress continues to be the greatest health issue all Americans must address. If your business causes you too much stress, you don’t get enough sleep, and you eat your way to feel fulfilled, you can’t succeed in business.

5. Take 30 minutes every day before work to exercise.

Walk, run, bike, swim, do yoga, dance to music. Move your body.

I like to run every day before I start my work day. I do my best to think and solve any problems that may be on my mind. If you don’t feel like running, just walk around. It isn’t what you do for exercise. It is getting your body moving that count.

Try it and see how it changes the way you approach your business day. The world always seems like a better place after 30 minutes of exercise.

6. Eat to live rather than live to eat.

What you put in your body to nourish it is more important than anything else you can do for your health and well-being. Breakfast is an absolute must. When your body is healthy – your behavior will follow.

Start with fresh fruit, whole grain cereals, and an egg, and make sure to quench your thirst with live-sustaining water. Water is the only thing we cannot live without — so why not start your day off right.

It’s time to take some action.

Running a small business requires making decisions continuously and every decision results in outcomes that affect the bottom line in one way or another. Making healthy choices for yourself will guarantee that whatever decisions you make regarding the business, you will be strong enough to keep running for that next meeting, next customer, and next big payday.

The most difficult part of operating a home-based business for women entrepreneurs is NOT spending more time at work than you would if you had to commute. Just because you can be at work within a minute doesn’t mean you should go to work anytime the thought occurs to you.

Starting and growing a small business is difficult enough, so put these six tips to work and share your entrepreneurial genius with the world as a successful home-based business.

by Michelle Rebecca

Michelle is a freelance blogger who’s covered a variety of different topics - Productivity, Health, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. At Best Mattresses Reviews, she spreads the awareness about sleep science. Before she became a full-time writer, she held various jobs, including tutoring and telecalling, so she understands how working at home can stress you out.

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