Poetry & Art

A Needed Escape

I checked myself into a psych ward

Thinking the white of the walls would be like

A breath of fresh air after rainfall

The one white wall with the window

Gave me a sliver of the outside insanity

But the walls stood tall to offer protection

Against the anxiety but only for a second

The bed filled one half of the floor

Another quarter began to hold the chest of filled drawers

The once bare walls tried to claw their way out

From under vomit of picture frames

What was in the dark eventually came to light

When the lamp was held on a pedal stool

The psych ward began feeling like the one before

And when the mirror was introduced

I felt the need to move on to another room on the next floor

by Akira Johnson

She is a storyteller and artist in more ways than one. She is a woman who has found that the only way she can truly express herself is through poetic wording, and that's how she prefers it.


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