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A selection of poems

Poem 1

When I laugh,

that distant racket is

Eve’s missing rib,

clanging inside me,

alive with each pulse,

its own syncopation,

almost falling out

through open doors

where cages used to be.


Poem 2

Convince me that to remember is

anything other than to

have swallowed whole,

to have choked even.


Poem 3

What do we do with a society

that embraces

the blood of war

but faints at

the blood of fecundity,

winces at the open wound

of birth

— how do we love,

afraid of our own origin?


Poem 4

The long shadow of a promise


the possibility of desire, a

side of destiny collapsed,

hinting: adventurous,

meaning ripe and windswept,

yet young,

meaning naive and untested

— let us, let us be dissatisfied

with how sweet salt can be.


Poem 5

I’m not the woman I was

— that’s it,

that’s the whole poem.


by asoulafloat

Natalia is an organizational psychologist and technologist focused on merging innovation, entrepreneurship, and impact. Her passion hinges on creating communities that are true/inclusive ecosystems - a goal that is informed by her life as a twice-immigrant, interest in cross-disciplinary intersections, fascination with complex systems, and desire to bridge opportunity gaps.

Separately, she merges these passions and perspectives as a poet, author, and photographer.

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