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Ahead There Is…

Ahead there is the life I have made for myself
Ahead there is happiness in all walks of life that I decide to take
Ahead there is the choices I make
To explore any and everything that I see fit for me
Because reality is, I create me
No one else
Only I can make up the person I’m meant to be
And others have no choice but to recognize my true being
But they can only do so when I say that
Ahead there is me
Recognizing that everything I’ve ever dreamed
Is what I’m meant to be
Everything I think I can do
Is what will happen for me
Behind me is the person I was
But ahead there is the person I am meant to become

by Akira Johnson

She is a storyteller and artist in more ways than one. She is a woman who has found that the only way she can truly express herself is through poetic wording, and that's how she prefers it.


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