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Please set me free anxiety,

I’m sick and tired of the

sleepless nights that without a

reason you think I deserve.

Please set me free anxiety,

I don’t want to keep on

overthinking every thought again

and again.

Please set me free anxiety,

I don’t think I have any more

tears left to cry over small things

I should leave behind.

Please set me free anxiety,

I don’t want to give you the

power to make me stop and wonder if I

deserve the things I’ve been wanting

for so long.

Please set me free anxiety,

It’s time for me to learn

how to breathe again without caring

what you have to say.

The pity party is over,

go home.

– emotionally drained.


She felt too many things, so many

she couldn’t manage to process it all

so her brain was often flooded with

overwhelming thoughts of how everything

could go wrong until she couldn’t manage

to think anything at all.

– saturated.


Heavy breaths bounce in the corners of my room

while tears stream down my face as I wonder

what’s the reason this time around?

In the back of my mind, I know for sure

why it’s 1am and I can’t sleep again.

It’s scary to say it out loud.

I pull up my phone to distract my brain

since it seems like it can’t keep quiet but

all the images remind me that I

don’t have anyone to call to ask them

to help me out.

Even my dog leaves quietly towards

my parents’ bedroom even though they

haven’t gotten home yet.

I don’t start to calm down until

these words make their way

into the notes on my phone.

I can breathe again.

– panic attack



Author: Beth Haze
Author Bio: nineteen years old from ba. usually overly caffeinated writing short stories about people she sees on trains. poetry lover.
She’s currently writing about music for Bleached Magazine, publishing poems on her poetry Instagram @hazedsights and preparing to be a junior in college.
Link to social media: Instagram @beluvila | Twitter @bethaze

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