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The magics bind again the night
As our hearts are carving love,
With mystic vibes rising above
Enchanting stories, rich and bright.
They take me always in the trails,
Revealing thoughts from saga’s maze.
Shaping emotions on the ways,
The skies are pouring fairy tales.

This night the fireflies are hot,
Telling their story once again,
Crossing the deepest longing lane
In name of love for what they sought.
The legend says that long ago
When skies were shaping their extent,
The angels brought the magic scent
Of sacred words for a fresh glow.

Beneath the blue, the earth set time,
Crafting emotions from God’s lawns,
Enriching beauty at the dawns
Through sparking beams of the life’s rhyme.
A choir of angels paid their psalms
Across the seas, mountains, grasslands
In contemplating humankind
Among their colourful calm farms.

They fell in love with what they found,
Nuances, flavours, songs, perfumes,
The vibes, the touches, insights, tunes
Of a togetherness earthbound.
Yet one of angels saw the eyes
Of a delightful shepherd girl,
Learning how love might be the pearl
Brought by the gods from seven skies.

The angels’ chorus penned few lines
As only love could rhyme and hope,
As God was seeing their lust rope
Nostalgic burning in their eyes.
Their songs were powerful, and tend
To spread their sympathy around.
Sensing the space, the love was found
To have the rich strength to ascend.

The fate was turning a rebirth:
To ease their longing tenderness,
Divinity gave them the chance
To always look to the green earth.
The story said how in one night
Those angels were reborn as stars,
Caring their beams from the skies’ bars,
Nurturing faithfully the light.

The angel-star who fell too deep,
For the enchanting shepherd’s eyes,
Was still expressive over skies
Yearning her look beyond the weep.
After a while, sensing his cries,
God sent him straight, in speed, to ground,
Twisting the destiny around
Into a thousand fireflies.

The saga’s penning till today
How fireflies are bright in night
Lighting for shepherd girl the sight
So, she could see his loving way.
…The skies are covering the night
With thousand angel-stars above
Who stay trustworthy in their love
For beauty of the humankind.


by simonaprilogan

I question, I smile, I wonder, I rhyme, I dance in the rain, I puzzle the game, yet I dare myself.


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