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Banana Peel

Vibrant. Ripe. Full of Nourishment. A bountiful fruit that endures punishment. Used and discarded. Its additional benefits are often disregarded. It has been forced to part ways with its family tree. Picked and peeled as they fall like leaves. Without considering how it feels. Left on the ground to be pounded and stomped on. Knowing that is not where it belongs. Banana Peel. You hold so much yummy goodness inside. Hold that with pride. When you are chosen what a precious moment. You are open to whatever comes next. Even if it happens to be neglect. You deserve more respect and appreciation. You are patient. I know how you feel. The joy and the pain are the same. It is so surreal. You feel the blues and get bruised. Like us, you need to heal. In this borrowed time, remind yourself you are valued and you are loved. Just like you, we come from above. We also have our own individual layers and unique flavors. We just need to learn to savor every moment. Feeling vibrant, ripe, or rotten? Remember you are never forgotten.

by Scruz71895

Hello, my name is Samantha but, you may call me Sam. For as long as I can remember I have always loved to write. I was known for my short stories when I was a child and was known to have a wild imagination. As I got older, I tucked away my gift of writing and just let time pass. When the pandemic came about, I felt a nudge to use my voice and write again. I started posting poems as a way to help uplift and inspire people going through the pandemic. I was inspired to create a community of healing and to bring people together. I eventually began writing so much that I stumbled upon a poetry club based out of a city near where I live. When I experienced one of their events for the first time, I felt so at home and safe. Currently, I am still a part of that community and was referred to this website by one of the members of the club. She will remain nameless to protect her identity but, she does write for Harness Magazine and spoke very highly of this site. I do consider myself a very private person but, I have been told that my words have a lot of meaning. So here it goes...

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