Beautiful Locations to Buy a Farmhouse

Nowadays, many individuals fantasize about buying a property located on land that allows them to live sustainably. Farmhouses have been rising in popularity, the modern rustic look attracting many homebuyers. If you’re looking to purchase a farmhouse in the near future, you should highly consider looking at one of the following beautiful locations.

Sac County, Iowa

Iowa goes under the radar when it comes to fantasizing about rural destinations. But the state has a lot of beauty to share. Sac County’s rolling hills are full of golden cornfields, friendly neighbors and much more. The area has an abundance of charming farmhouses for those looking to embrace this lifestyle and even grow produce of their own. Sac County is also conveniently located near Black Hawk Lake, allowing locals a fun escape to indulge in water activities and camping. If the scenery isn’t enough to make you want to move to this area of Iowa, then the local businesses and recreational activities will surely spark some interest.

Garfield County, Oklahoma

Located in the Plains of North America, it is no surprise that Garfield County, Oklahoma, has an abundance of farmhouses ideal for rural living. This area lives and breathes the rural life, which is no shock considering that the county came to be when a gunshot rang out in 1893, and over 100,000 people entered the Cherokee Outlet on horseback, wagons and foot. Although more modern farmhouses have been built since then, Garfield County still pays homage to its history by maintaining its large amount of agriculture, wheat fields and horse pastures. It makes an excellent place of residency for those wanting to live in a farmhouse out west.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Although much of Lancaster’s farming history has been due to the presence of the Amish, there have been numerous other individuals that have begun and grown successful farms for hundreds of years. Whether wanting to develop a farm to sell products or simply grow your own food for your family, Lancaster has an abundance of farmhouses that have been steadily increasing in popularity. The area has become more desirable in recent years, as it offers rural views but also has its own budding city downtown with shops, theatres and plenty of cafes. Although you’ll have to adjust to passing horses and buggies on the road from time to time, it is only part of the allure to the area.

There are plenty of other suitable locations for buying a farmhouse throughout the United States, but these three are certainly some of the best in the country. After making your move, you’ll quickly learn why the locals are in such favor of their hometowns.

by Carolyn McBeth

Carolyn McBeth has always dreamed of owning a farm since she was a child. Carolyn used her enthusiasm to pay for college at Iowa State University, where she majored in Agricultural Business and was named to the Dean's List. Her schooling also gave her the chance to join agricultural fraternities and get more active in the industry. She interned at Pioneer H-Bred International as a Supply Planning and Logistics Professional while in school, and worked for John Deere & Company as a Complete Goods/Aftermarket Coordinator and AMS Technical Representative. These positions led to promotions as a Production Planning Supply Management Specialist and Marketing Product Specialist Representative.

Carolyn followed her goal of starting a small family farm right after graduation. She has been in charge of daily operations and equipment/land acquisition since then. Visit her website at carolynmcbeth.com for additional information!


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