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Dear 25

The birth of a star does not question its creation
It is simply created and reaches across the vastness of space and time
The rumbling waves of lights and dust charge against any darkness
The energy flows over and through asteroids and masses
Who am I to question such a creation?
Created in God’s likeness, the star simply exists to shine, the light,
evidence of its life
I turn to the mirror, and only recognize my eyes
This body has carried my soul this far in life,
How could I not love such a creation?
The un-conforming existence of woman, in all that she is,
Is much like the star
I am created in the image of God’s love;
I grow and learn over the vastness of space and time
My words and actions become rumbling waves
Charging against a world built to break me
My energy flows with love and strength, protecting the lives around me
Who am I to question such a creation?
I exist to shine, the love, evidence of my life

by Madalyn Orozco

Hi : ) my name is Madalyn. I'm 26 years old, a civil engineer, and a cat mom to 4 cutie pies : Stella, Opal, Butters, and Kris.

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