Dear Single Girl on Valentine’s Day

I became single 2 years ago on Valentine’s Day, and since then, so much has changed. A day that was so shitty turned out to be one of my biggest blessings.

In these past 2 years, I’ve learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. I learned how to really enjoy my loneliness, understand my purpose, and take action on things that I normally would have never done. But it’s also been a time where I’ve reflected more about my future than ever before. 

As I’ve watched dozens of teddies, roses, and chocolates everywhere around me, I couldn’t help but start to feel a little sad. One because I’ve never received such a gift from a romantic partner before, and two because I couldn’t help but wonder if it will ever happen to me.

As you guys can probably tell, I’m a big career girl. I’ve dedicated so much of my time, energy, thoughts into this magazine that at one point I neglected other areas of my life. Such as hobbies, friends, and even self-care – my dating life wasn’t even something I considered. Sometimes wondering if there was something wrong with me, which I learned now, is not true.

I’m sure a lot of girls can relate to this feeling. So I decided to write this article for the single girl on Valentine’s Day because this day is much more than romantic love. It’s about celebrating all forms of love, including the love we have for ourselves. It’s a reminder that our worth isn’t defined by our relationship status, but by the love and value we hold within ourselves.

It’s important to remember in life, everything happens in its own time, and the timing of each event is already perfect. Every experience, whether good or bad, plays a part in shaping who we are and where we’re headed. It’s like there’s a natural order guiding our journey, even when things seem uncertain or unexpected.

This perspective helps us trust that things will work out as they’re meant to, so we can feel more at ease in the present moment. Instead of worrying about what hasn’t happened yet or what might come next, we can find comfort in knowing that everything is unfolding just as it should.

These words of wisdom aren’t just coming me, but a range of women from all over the world who understand how you may be feeling.

Here are 7 pieces of advice from women to other women who may feel sad on Valentine’s Day.

“Listen, if you are feeling awful about Valentine’s Day, don’t try to make yourself feel better. Let yourself wallow in the crappiness for a day without trying to ‘grow from the experience’ or whatever. I know there’s a ton of girls who understand that subconscious pressure we put on ourselves to somehow be perfect. Personal growth can come tomorrow. Give yourself a break.”
Brandi,  47

“Remember that you are better off being single, than being in a toxic, unhealthy and unloved relationship. Learn to value your own worth and peace. Write some words of affirmation and love. And remind yourself one day there will be someone who loves you unconditionally.”
Keyla De La Cruz – 23
San Francisco, California

“don’t be sad! instead, remember: we’re social beings, but the only person you can fully rely on in this life is yourself. try to ressignify your relationship with who you are. try to see beauty in yourself. we spend so many hours trying to conquer the hearts of other people, trying to impress someone else, we forget that sometimes we need to impress ourselves with love and caring too. We deserve to love and care for ourselves just as much as we deserve love and caring from people around us – and it’s just as important! So instead of being sad, ask yourself: what do I – and only I – need today? What can I do to love myself a little more? How can I have fun without having to follow the rules of what people expect from me? How can I feel free to be me?”
Lu Lanfredi – 30
Lisbon, Portugal

“It’s better to be alone than in bad company.”
Solmaria – 35
Salem, MA

“Your business and love life are the two most important things you will ever work on. I suggest you work on your business first so that when you are ready to receive all kinds of abundance in business and in love, you are able to tolerate it and actually receive it.”
Michelle I. Gomez – 34
Miami, FL

“Feeling sadness is natural. However, I would encourage you to use this time wisely, as an opportunity to peer through the window into your heart. Why do you want to be in a relationship? Are you chasing happiness? Perhaps feeling left behind or having family or friends made you feel like you don’t measure up because you aren’t in a relationship? Asking yourself questions like these will help guide you out of depression and lead you to the actual emotion hiding behind the mask so to speak. I would encourage shadow journaling or meditation. Basically, give yourself love and in time you will attract the right person because you will be whole and exude joy.”
Emerald Barnes – 34
Bonaire, Georgia 

“Enjoy this single season by spending it with friends who uplift you either a Virtual hangout or meet up. Reflect on personal growth by celebrating your strengths, your wins . See being single as being a positive embrace of the freedom to use this time for self discovery. Taking up a new hobby can help shift your mood. Seek support if you need either friends, family or a professional talking about your emotions helps and is a great release. Remember Valentine’s Day is just one day out of the year and your happiness is an ongoing and important journey.”
Jenny Beckford – 48
London, England 


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