Poetry & Art

Dreams Onset

Behind the smiling flowers, behind the lights of stars
I saw on other worldliness the bridge up to my peace.
I’m still behind the shadows and write in other books
A long poem to Life while dancing with my tears.

When running in darkness in winter’s nights to reach
The whole embrace of mornings and abandon the scream
Of all the painful hours, still looking to my bridge,
I dare myself, while singing and live the deepest dream.

While pouring rain is falling in all my winter days,
While singing with a fake who just breaks out my faith,
I dare myself to stroll through hope’s and mornings rays
Ahead of lately hours, to catch the dream onset.

by simonaprilogan

I question, I smile, I wander, I rhyme, I dance in the rain, I puzzle the game, yet I dare myself.


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