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How To Not Be a Dry Texter (20+ Tips to Keep Your Conversation Going)

Texting a new crush is riskier than trying to stop a train. For a minute, it may seem like you have a shot, and a few wrong texts later, you may never talk to them again.

Sending boring and short texts, unfunny emojis, and replying late can be some of the biggest turn-offs for your partner. Using text elements like “Hi, how are you?,” “Can we be friends?,” “What’s the weather in your city?,” are examples of what people don’t get replied to. 

If you are trying to make a good impression on someone who you met on Instagram and are getting awfully ignored—chances are that you might be a dry texter. 

Don’t worry; all you need to understand is how conversations work in the modern world—learn a few texting skills, and you’re good to go. 

How to not be a dry texter?

Texting has given us the privilege to talk to our loved ones from anywhere, but that won’t benefit you much if you are a dull and dry texter. 

Texting is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. But if it’s stressing you out a lot, then it’s time that you give up, and meet them in person. You also need to stop being an overthinker and start expressing what you feel—if not through text, then, in-person. 

It reminds me of a quote, “Communication is the key to healthy relationships.” If you want to have a healthy, fun, and happy relationship in the future, you must learn how to properly communicate now. 

Texting becomes 100 times tougher when you are doing it with someone special and badly want to leave behind a good impression. But how do you do it if you are not a great texter or even a good communicator? 

Please read the whole article to get some interesting tips on not being a dry texter. Also read about ‘what’s dry texting’, ‘5+ signs telling that your texting is turning dry,’ and ‘when it’s time to give up.’ 

20 Fantastic Tips on how to not be a dry texter! 

Dry texting is when someone starts sending you short messages, leaving your messages on read, ignoring facetime, and not putting an effort into the conversation anymore. 

If many people leave you on seen and do not show much interest in talking to you on text, you’re most probably a dry texter. 

Here are some fantastic tips to learn and use to impress your crush by simply texting. So have a look at pointers mentioned below:  

1. Reply as soon as you can 

One of the most essential tips you must keep in mind to avoid being a dry texter: stop replying late. Replying quickly is imperative, especially when the other person puts effort and responds to you on time. 

The more we grow up, the easier it is to understand that everyone gets a little busy now and then. Instead of not replying on time, you must drop a text saying that you are a little busy at the moment and will text back as soon as possible. 

2. Avoid using one-word replies. 

One-word replies like “yes,” “sure,” “yeah,” “hmm,” “K,” and “ok” can be the biggest turn-offs for the said person. 

No matter how busy you are, stop using one-word replies, especially with the person you adore. For example, imagine receiving a plain conversation-ending reply such as ‘hmmm’ from the person you want to talk to all day long. 

It doesn’t sound good, right? 

Using such basic replies may sound rude, too. If you are too busy to reply— text them at a later time/date when you can talk freely and with full attention.

3. Make texting fun with GIFs and emojis: 

Using fun GIFs and emojis can be so much more fun and long-lasting. Start using emojis of heart, lips, dance moves, eating, and many other fun additions. 

Use GIFs depending on the mood of the conversation. If the conversation is deep and loving— send them kisses and heart. However, if it’s roasted and lit af; send funny GIFs of actors, cartoons, etc. 

This would ensure that the conversation’s mood is fun and joyful! 

4. Make your crush smile with memes

In India, there’s a famous movie dialogue called, “hassi (laughed) to phasiii (awestruck),” meaning— that if a girl laughs with you in the conversation, then you have won her over. 

Nowadays, sharing memes and making each other laugh is a regular thing. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to see your crush smiling and blushing because of you? It really is quite the best feeling in the world. 

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Asking questions can make the conversation 100% more attractive. Start asking questions about their hobbies, what they like, what’s their favorite food, favorite movie, and things that they do in your free time. That’s how you can understand each other more and create good conversation skills.

6. Show your sense of humor 

Being funny and showing a happening sense of humor can be a great way to avoid being a dry texter.

Other than sending funny emojis, you can also start showing them random funny texts without being afraid to laugh with them a little louder. Everyone likes to have a partner who is lively and entertaining. 

7. Go ahead, and be a flirt

A little flirting can make the conversation much more adventurous. Stop sending them the same old regular texts every day. No, go ahead, and start showing them your flirting skills— tease them a little, get cheesy, and romantic. 

A little sensual texting will ignite a whole different aura between you and your partner. Everyone has that cheesy flirty side of themselves . All you have to do is, feel confident and bring that out and make a show. 

It might be a little difficult to flirt openly, but the least you can do is try! If your partner takes initiative to the hint, that’s your cue to stop being a dry texter.

8. Remember the details 

What to exactly talk about? For starters, know your partner— ask them about their life, their struggles, their happy moments, their sad times, and their passions. Once you start to acknowledge them and their individuality— talks and texts will come naturally along the path. 

From what I have experienced, people appreciate and cherish the little details in their relationship. No matter who you talk to— sharing the tiniest details that you noticed in the said person will make them acknowledge your existence and appreciate it. 

  • “You curled your hair, the hairstyle looks gorgeous on.”
  • “Pink suits you.”
  • “It’s quite a beautiful sight to watch your hair fly with the wind.”
  • “Beautiful dress”
  • “The mole on your chin is so innocent yet so wild!”

Every little point is essential, and that’s how you make the person feel so special.

  • “I remember the day you wore that red hoodie— I remember wanting to hug you all day long! You brushed my hand slightly and I still haven’t recovered from that.”

Listening to old details and memories will impress your partner and leave them awestruck. “What? You still remember that?” Bringing out old memories will make future conversation much more intimate.

9. Turning texting into the conversation 

Sometimes, you might find texting to be a little less intimate and more futile— maybe it lacks depth or a real conversation. Instead of blaming the other person, start putting more effort into your discussions. 

Of course, you will have to learn some skills and master basic conversation skills before you go ahead and express what you feel. It takes time to completely open up to your partner and be true to yourself. These days, people appreciate truth more than pretty lies. 

10. Text first 

People always hate to text first, but what’s wrong with texting first? In today’s world, overthinking makes us lose multiple special occasions and individuals.  

Don’t overthink and text them first. Don’t just text them ‘good morning/good night’. No, text them long-lovely messages to start a deep conversation. It’s even better that you are the first person showing interest. You’d do a great favor  to your partner who’s shying away from texting first. 

Get over anything that makes you scared, grab your phone, and shoot your shot; that’s how you avoid being a dry texter. 

11. Know your limits

It’s an essential rule to know your limits because you might hurt or scare other individuals by crossing those limits unknowingly. 

Remember to always be kind, give respect, and take respect. Even when you start flirting or joking, never forget to know your limits and be gentle. If they reply late—don’t get mad at them, have patience and never disrespect them.

12. Share your experience

People get to know you much better when you start sharing your experience with them. Do not be afraid of judgment. Realise that everything that you have gone through in life makes you unique. 

So when a conversation is going on, and you have some memories attached to it, don’t be afraid and just let them know about your experience. That’s how you continue any conversation, and two people form a bond.  

13. Try asking for opinions 

It’s always a good gesture when you ask people for their views. Even if their opinions feel different, you must have value for them. 

This way you can build conversations over anything like choosing an outfit, something study-related, or anything you are confused about and want somebody to help you. 

Simply pick up your phone and ask your crush for their opinion. That’s how people start sharing a positive bond where they ask each other for mutual help! 

14. Don’t ask boring common questions

Always coming up with the same boring texts should never be a choice. For instance, if you wish good morning to your crush everyday, do it uniquely each morning! 

The exact text “good morning” can become boring when overused. Start showing your skills and do something exciting like sending a quote, or a snap with a cute message, a joke; you can even tell them about the dream you had last night. In conclusion, you must stop sending the same boring texts to avoid being a dry texter. 

15. Follow up on something your crush told you 

When someone tells you a small detail about them, remember it. For example, if they have a friend’s birthday later in the week, then don’t be afraid to ask them what they are going to wear. 

If they show interest in talking about it, you may probably end up helping her decide the dress for the night. That’s how you make all of this work properly and get going. 

16. Don’t be afraid to be invested 

Sometimes, people hesitate to text and think ten times if they should do it or not. Instead of overthinking, you must feel free to express whatever you think, because that is what you are. 

If they like you, it should be your real self. Always be real! 

It’s important to let them know the truth, and if they still like you well, you win. Just start enjoying the conversations and say what you feel but with respect, and that’s how you learn to stop being a dry texter. 

17. Have a purpose 

Whenever you text a person, there must always be a purpose for it. Every conversation needs to have a goal because you automatically become good at texting when you know what you’re talking about.

While talking, do everything like sending stickers, emojis, relevant memes, and gifs to avoid being the dry texter. It is essential to have a purpose and get the conversation going! 

18. Don’t be eager 

It is essential to not become so keen that you start texting them every minute all day. Avoid commenting creepy compliments on their pictures and acting like some stupid lover. 

So please have patience, wait for their proper response, and act accordingly. Give them their space, and don’t forget to respect them in any decision that they make. Everyone has the right to make their decisions, and they can choose whether they want to talk to you or not.  

19. Show interest in their life 

When you like someone and want all of their attention, you need to start talking about their life, like what they want to do in their future and what’s going on right now in their life. 

People become good communicators when the conversation is about reality. So be a good listener and show them that you are interested in their life! 

20. Enjoy what you are doing 

Start enjoying the conversation, and you will start seeing change in your texting style. You don’t need to learn any tips to talk to a person, as it all comes naturally. 

Be expressive and say what you feel like with all respect. You will automatically make the conversation funny when you want it, and then you are no longer a dry texter. 

What are some examples of dry texting? 

It is pretty challenging to understand if someone is a dry texter by just one message. Here are some points that you can look at to understand if someone is a dry texter: 

  1. They continuously send one-word messages. 
  2. They leave your messages on read every time. 
  3. They always keep the conversation short and show no interest in the conversation. 
  4. They ignore the pictures, links, or memes you sent them. 
  5. They never text first and put no effort into getting the conversation going. 

These examples prove that someone is a dry texter and is not interested in texting. Still you must do your best, start avoiding these points, put some effort into your conversation, and try making it enjoyable. 

Signs your texting is turning dry 

Nobody likes to have boring conversations. If your convos are getting shorter day by day, it is one of the biggest signs that your texting is turning dry. Here are some points that show dry texting: 

  1. They take longer to respond to you than they usually do. 
  2. They have started texting short messages with no interest. 
  3. They have started ignoring texts about catching up, canceling plans last minute, avoiding facetime, and pretending they have no idea you are asking them to go out.  
  4. They send messages with low effort. 

These points prove that your texting is turning dry, and you need to put some effort into it! 

When it’s time to give up 

There comes a time when you need to decide, yes it’s not working, and now you should give up. 

Dating or texting is something you must have fun doing. But if it isn’t working or stressing you out, it’s time to give up. If you start feeling stressed out only because someone is not giving you proper attention to texts, you should move on and find something better to enjoy life. 

If they are not a good communicator, you need to limit your conversations and start meeting in-person to avoid stressful levels of texting. 

Bottom line 

Start having fun conversations and enjoy every part of them. This is how you stop taking texting so seriously, because the real world is out there. Texting is simply a way to connect with people, and it does not have to be a big part of your life. 

Go through all the tips given in the discussion, and you will get some idea on how not to be a dry texter. Do not overthink or hesitate over anything. Just pick your phone and make this a moment of your life.

You must try to have fun in your conversations, but do not forget that giving and taking respect is also very important. Take things slowly, give each other proper space and enjoy the conversation! 

by Genesis Gutierrez

Genesis is an accomplished entrepreneur, advocate, and coach who has dedicated her career to empowering women around the world. As the CEO of Harness Magazine, a digital media company, she has grown a platform that celebrates and amplifies the voices of women from all walks of life.

A first-generation college graduate with a degree from UCLA and growing up undocumented, Genesis brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges that women face in today's world. Her work as a coach has helped countless women find the courage and confidence to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

Driven by a passion for social justice and a commitment to building a more equitable and inclusive society, Genesis has become a respected voice in the women's empowerment movement.

Through her work with Harness Magazine and as a coach, Genesis continues to inspire and empower women to take control of their lives and create a brighter, more hopeful future for themselves and for generations to come.

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