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You’re not broken

Maybe just a bit bent,

Even crumpled money

Has the potential to be spent.

You’re not unworthy

You’re worth can’t be compared,

The wrong ones can’t afford you

They can’t understand rare.

You’re not weak

They envy your growth,

How far you have come

How far you have left to go.

You’re not done

No, not just quite yet,

You have so much potential

So much in you still left.

As you begin to heal

You shed the weight of negativity,

Embraced in light and grace

A shower of positivity.

Once you were planted

Now as they watch you bloom,

They stand back in awe

As your eminence fills the room.

by Nicole Townsend

Nicole Townsend is an author from the island of Jamaica.
She has self-published three books on Amazon titled Serenity: Poems for the Mind, Thoughts of Me: Self-Helping Yourself, and most recently Unexpectedly Waiting: Poems. She has had multiple poems published in Harness Magazine and also has been published on Page and Spine. Her poetry has been featured in Indie Blu’s anthology, as well as Waves Zine.
She has been awarded the second-place position for the over eighteen age group in the Caribbean and Americas region in the Common Wealth Youth Council’s Unseen and Unspoken poetry competition for her poem titled Stagnant. Most recently she has been awarded first place in the Tales of Autumn poetry competition and second place two years prior.
She also is a Lupus Warrior as she has been battling the disease for the past sixteen years. She is a well-rounded individual who loves life, loves words, is passionate, and is dedicated.


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