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Feeling through Art Exhibitions

Art has the ability to communicate emotions and reflect our inner selves. Throughout history, there have been artists who have marked entire eras, and each of us has or will come across an art piece that makes us feel understood. Here are some exhibitions that I have felt connected to, accompanied by my interpretation.

“Can’t Help Myself” by Sun Yuan & Penguin Yu is a perfect example of what it feels like to have anxiety.  Can’t Help Myself means “to be unable to control one’s actions or stop oneself from doing something” and this artwork shows how no matter how hard we work, our effort may not be worth it in the end. It highlights the struggles of people trying to get ahead in life, only for the system to keep them from achieving it.”Can’t Help Myself” conveys a feeling of suffocation and leaves the viewer hyperventilating. It’s certainly a work that empathizes with the viewer and stirs emotions within us.

“Dear” by Sun Yuan & Penguin Yu conveys a sense of desperation and tension through the rapidly churning hose, symbolizing toxic relationships. It’s an adrenaline-pumping exhibition that causes discomfort in the viewers.

“Untitled” by Shilpa Gupta is a mobile gate that swings from side to side and breaks down walls, exemplifying the feeling of ruining something by doing what we are supposed to do. This exhibit shows how people fulfill their roles and fail in the process, even without meaning to. It’s a reminder that no matter how hard we try to be perfect, we may not always succeed.

“My Bed” by Tracey Emin conveys the struggle of depression, leaving one unable to move or do the activities they love. This piece displays the internal struggle we go through during depressive episodes and is a great representation of it.

Art is subjective, and we all have artworks that move us. These exhibitions are the ones that make my heart beat faster, and I enjoy sharing them with others.


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