Forgetting the Past

Pain lingers, a stubborn guest,

While nostalgia’s fading kiss

Leaves no mark on a shattered quest,

No wound for crystallized bliss.


We learn little from tranquil shores,

Perhaps yearning not for love’s embrace,

But the solace that understanding pours,

A yearning etched on time’s face.


Ambitions fade, replaced by fears,

By expectations’ crushing weight,

Validation sought through borrowed cheers,

Ignoring the body’s silent ache


Emotions veiled, a complex guise,

To mask the depths within the soul,

Lost in the desperate, yearning cries

For love’s embrace to make us whole.


We ponder, lost in time’s cruel tide,

How self-love wanes, a fading light,

While chaos and despair confide,

And claim the victory of the night.

by Inklingcage

I am a versatile writer with a passion for science and creative expression. I am a poet, writer, social media manager and have co-authored a few anthologies. I tend to put out my art on my YouTube channel as well.
With expertise in research and writing, as well as a thriving social media presence and experience managing other writers, I am committed to continuing to learn and grow in my craft.

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