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From Your Daughter…

Missing pieces for so long. Questioning why you even questioned. Missing pieces. Never knew why my hair wouldn’t tame. Never knew why my skin was a shade darker than theirs. Never knew why my reflection was the opposite. Missing pieces. Remembering a picture of you, it was splitting halves. Or was it in my dreams? Do I get the voice from you or the dark eyes? Do I get the feelings of emptiness from you? So many questions with no response.  Always thought you left because you had no love. Now feeling you left because you questioned your worth.

Still, I sometimes talk of you with disdain. Wondering why you still don’t want to reach. It’s those days when the world seems unusually cruel or my days unusually hard, that I look in the mirror and see you, wanting to put the pieces back together.

My life has been without you, but I still carry you.

Written by your daughter.



by Kristina Hopper

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