Here’s to the Men

Here’s To The Men


Here’s to the men that cry

to the ones that admit they’re failing

because they know they’re also growing 

and that limits are only in their minds

here’s to the men that take their time


Here’s to the men with empathy they don’t ration

to the ones striving to be kind

the men that place themselves in someone else’s shoes 

knowing they can never understand 

the weight that’s being carried


Here’s to the men that wash dishes and stitch dresses

to the fathers who let their sons play with dolls 

the ones that change nappies and kiss bruises

the ones who keep on fighting 

when it’s easier to walk away


Here’s to the men that understand our value

to the ones that don’t objectify us or degrade 

those that don’t call rape culture our problem

here’s to the men that can hear no

wish us well and walk away


Here’s to the men that don’t think loyalty’s embarrassing

to the ones that still love us 

when their friends are watching

here’s to the men that know needing someone

doesn’t make them weak.


Here’s to the men that don’t think the word girl is an insult 

that don’t use negging to get laid

the ones that found the courage to be who they are

here’s to the men who know what leaves them feeling empty 

and don’t just chase it anyway


Here’s to the men that have integrity 

even when we’re not around

the ones that allow themselves to fall in love with our minds

not just notch us on their bedposts

and pretend that it’s enough


Here’s to the men that buy themselves flowers

name their houseplants

and sing to help them grow

here’s to the men dancing in kitchens by themselves

thinking they’ll always be alone


Here’s to the men that call for help when they hurt

and aren’t afraid to be seen

the ones that are courageous enough 

to understand bravery is only an option 

when you know what it is to feel scared


Here’s to the men that love powerful women

and aren’t intimidated by success 

to the ones that want to build this thing together 

because that’s how we make it

strong enough to stand


Here’s to the men that recognise their battles are fought and won 

not in the final showdown 

against an enemy unknown

but in the thousand small decisions 

that led them to the fight


Here’s to the men with not only grace but grit

who understand the process

and allow for the middle to be messy

the ones that meet us where we are 

but don’t leave us where they found us.


Here’s to the men that don’t let history define them

no matter what is said

the ones reaching forward

knowing that though their story shapes them

they alone get to write the end


Here’s to the men that were told they weren’t enough

but found a way to rise above

the ones who see the beauty in their defects

find their weaknesses and work on them

and instead of hiding who they are step up


Here’s to the men that will change the world

the true rebels 

the mavericks the renegades the titans

here’s to those that will gently break the chains

and challenge the wrongs with love.

by BeautifullyDefected

Writer and founder of Beautifully Defected. Ultimately, our mission is to inspire individuals to embrace their beautifully imperfect selves, to recognise their inherent worth, and to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. Together, we can redefine beauty, shatter societal expectations, heal trauma and create a world where mental health is prioritised and celebrated.


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