A Journey of Healing and Hope with Nicole Woodcock, Founder of Hummingbird Hypnotherapy

In this insightful interview with Nicole Woodcock, founder of Hummingbird Hypnotherapy, we delve into her inspiring journey of personal transformation and professional growth. Nicole shares her profound experiences that led to the creation of Hummingbird Hypnotherapy, focusing on supporting children’s mental health through a solution-focused approach. She discusses pivotal moments, challenges faced, and valuable lessons learned, offering advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the mental health support space. Nicole’s passion, resilience, and dedication shine through as she navigates the complexities of running a business while prioritizing her own well-being and continuing to make a positive impact in her community.

Can you share with us the personal story behind Hummingbird Hypnotherapy and how it came to fruition?

On Christmas day 2011 I gave birth to my first child. Charlie. After a very long traumatic birth process we went home and after a couple of weeks trying to breast feed, recover physically and support a child that just screamed I realised I needed some support. I had become very anxious about leaving the house and wouldn’t drive my son in the car. When he cried I would experience strange sensations in my legs similar to when I gave birth so mentally and physically my body was responding in fight and flight a lot of the time.

My friend had started to train as a solution focused clinical hypnotherapist and needed a case study and so I volunteered. He visited me at home for about six weeks while my son napped. I don’t remember a great deal about it I just know after six weeks I was out driving and feeding my son in public feeling human again. Fast forward having my daughter I went had had solution focused hypnotherapy for child birth. Had my daughter Devon at home in the lounge with just my husband supporting me. Due to living in a rural area and and a 999 mix up on our location. I birthed Devon my daughter together at home with no additional support. Born in her amniotic sac she patiently waited for the paramedics to arrive to help us. I go my wish of 50 minutes delayed cord clamping and was tucked up in bed with a sleeping baby two hours later. It was perfect!!

4 months later I joined the course. I now have the privilege of teaching.

What inspired you to focus specifically on supporting children with their mental health through a solution-focused approach?

I have always had a passion for supporting others, especially children. I spent time working for a short breaks service supporting children with additional, physical and neurodivergent needs prior to becoming a hypnotherapist. After qualifying and beginning to set uo my practice I was approached by a desperate parent who need some support for their daughter. Struggling with school anxiety, being outside and managing numerous traumas from her life. I said I would happily help. After sessions with her she went back to school, became a very successful artist and began enjoying there life as intended. This was a huge turning point for me and my business. She is also the case study I talk about in my CPD.

What were some of the biggest challenges or struggles you faced when starting Hummingbird Hypnotherapy, and how did you overcome them?

I started to create my own website.. that nearly resulted in no longer having a laptop. Someone in the local area also tried to duplicate my business name as I started my journey. 

Trying to explain to people how beneficial this work is and that it is not being turned into a chicken or mind control. Which is a very old fashioned narrative for how modern and beneficial this support can be.

Can you share a pivotal moment or lesson learned during your journey with Hummingbird Hypnotherapy that significantly impacted your approach or mindset?

In 2017 I won a new small business award. At the time I was actually mentally very broken. Not sleeping, struggling with anxiety but trying to keep going for my family. I got diagnosed with a ovarian cyst the following year which impacted me a great deal. After its removal I  hit quite allow point. Unable to take my children to school for fear of leaving the house and being seen. I was scared. But… I carried on seeing clients. How I will never know. Sheer drive and determination I think to be honest. This was also the point I was working 20 hours a week for the local authority and seeing 15 clients in my increasing practice and supporting two children under 5. I was broken but I couldn’t admit it. Once again I turned to what had helped before. After a session I quit my job. The relief was immense but again panic hit!. What if I failed? That wasn’t an option. A hypnotherapist having hypnotherapy. That point was the hardest but today its now celebrated. It showed me a lot. I can also now truly empathise with those who have experienced the same situation. I am very honest in my approach 😊

How do you integrate education about how the brain works into your therapy sessions for children?

This is something we are trained to do though our learning. I also adapt it depending on the understanding and age of the child. Using drawing, additional learning support and also language through metaphor is really helpful. Never underestimate working with children, they get it more than we know.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to start a business or project focused on mental health support, especially for children?

Do it! If you have a passion for supporting young people to encourage, develop and grow into the human they wish too be then go for it. They are our future and they need more resilience and adaptability than ever. With our ever changing climate, environment, socials etc they really need support.

How do you stay inspired and motivated in your work, especially during challenging times?

Ha, now lets be honest non of us are motivated daily even when we love our work, life happens, knocks can be taken but  I have an alternative narrative which when things aren’t going well I ask myself.. Do you want to go back to your old job? The answer is always no. I have a fantastic network that I created called the Pineapple Network. We are all small independent business owners who support and make each other accountable. I am very lucky that If I am not showing up they will step in and check if I am ok.. alongside supportive friends in the same role that will always point out some truth when I need it. Plus the universe, I will always get what I need, a nudge, an external reminder why I need to keep going.

Could you share a success story or achievement related to Hummingbird Hypnotherapy that you are particularly proud of?

Honestly there have been so many. All the young people that have shown up for themselves and processed the difficult stuff, the alcoholics that choose to stop drinking and find love again in later life, those that chose me to support them when they have wanted to end everything. 

The most recent is being gifted a part in a book by a client who has openly written about his mental health struggles whilst supporting his family with adhd and autism. It is being published for Autism awareness week in the UK in April. That to me is pretty special and very humbling.

How do you balance running your business and maintaining your own well-being and mental health?

I have no idea… I know that routine plays a phenomenal part in my daily life. If I get overwhelmed I know I need to slow down and take sometime back. Exercise daily, eat well and prioritising sleep. But, embracing my moments with my children. I home educate my eldest at the moment so things have had to be juggled but my husband does his share too. Embracing and incorporating my own knowledge of my teachings. Every day incorporating a positive action, positive interaction and positive thought. Taking the time to notice everything in my day that has been good and writing it down makes a huge difference. Practice what I preach.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for the future of Hummingbird Hypnotherapy?

This year I have already started a new journey to learn to be an adhd and autism assessor which is ongoing and very exciting, also taking part in a charity walk up Snowdon in Wales in April to raise awareness of mental health support in our local town and just continuing doing what I do. 2024 feels sparkly and sometimes you just need to trust in the process and see where it takes you.

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