If You’re A Leo That Doesn’t Resonate With Being A Leo Here’s Why

Have you ever wondered why you don’t resonate with your sun sign descriptions? Which, to me, are very generalized. I’ve also felt that way about specific traits that seem to stick to zodiac signs. It wasn’t until I learnt about Declinations (decans) that I realized, astrology is like maths, it’s technical and precise; if you know how to understand your natal chart.

Declinations are the degrees that divide each zodiac sign if you could imagine a cake cut into 12 pieces of the zodiacs as the first slice of our character, each measuring 30 degrees. The declinations are the second serving that goes one step further; reducing the same 30-degree piece into threes of 10 degrees each. The whole point of this is finding the sub rulers of your zodiac, like an extra sprinkle on-top before it’s served as the unique you because not everybody likes the same things. Even though we share a zodiac slice, that slice is precisely divided.

If you’re a Leo that doesn’t resonate with being a Leo, this is why: We have sub-rulers.

Leo Decan 1: The Sun Goddess

If the Sun was within 1-10 degrees on your date of birth; it’s ruled by the Sun. Decan 1 Leos are the epitome of a sun-ruled lioness; similar to the Goddess Bastet. She’s pure feline, believed to be the daughter Ra (The Sun God).

Protector of the divine feminine( home, family, children) exhibiting traits of a true leader and counterpart of the divine masculine. Leo decan 1’s are popular, outgoing, bright and bubbly.

Like the Sun, they’re the centre of the universe shining amongst the crowd, innocently attracting everyone with her Supernova charisma. I’m a Leo myself, and the positives do outweigh the negatives, in saying that this Leo lioness can be bossy to an extent and extremely prideful; which reflects in everything they do, even the way they cook.

Whatever this Leo lady puts her mind too; she will achieve — this queen bee works hard. She may not readily admit her wrongs, even though her heart feels the depth of that error. Like a queen, she’s a true leader; genuinely caring of others, putting any selfish needs aside for the betterment of an entire kingdom that poker face is just a show, beneath its sternness beats a selfless, sensitive heart that’s honourably sincere.

The double presence of the Sun is strong here; she shines bright as stars do, but she’s just a little bit extra sparkly. Creative and flashy you will notice her in a room if she’s not dressing to impress, it’s her laugh and sunny nature that will pinpoint her in the crowd. This Lioness will light up your life! in more ways than one; because who wouldn’t love being loved by a woman with the vigour of two suns, beaming her vitality upon your life. She is truly a force of immense inspiration, grace, and radiance.

Leo Decan 2: The Golden Arrowed Huntress

The second Leo decan sits between 10- 20 degrees and co-ruled by Jupiter— the ruling planet of Sagittarius. This Lioness not only possesses the same traits as the First Decan, but she’s also half centaur. She’s similar to Artemis in Greek mythology.

Artemis symbolized the female archer; she ruled the wilderness, animals, women and young etc. 5th house stuff (all Leos have a connection to children and the home). This woman is a wild-heart, never to be caged. So heed this warning: never aim to change her, a lioness in a cage is a sad sight to see. The Decan 2 woman is more like a Leo-Sag, and not only is she optimistic, but she’s light-hearted and humorous, able to go with the flow. Not the one to be pessimistic although she may butt heads with lots of people, due to not handling her bold authenticity — she’s truthful.

A true belle she charms people with her intelligence and wit. She also loves reading; it quenches her thirst for knowledge. Like most Saggitarians, she needs to expand; Leo 2’s loves learning. She’d make a great teacher or healer because they’re wise beyond their years, believing that everybody on earth has a super-power within them. Because Jupiter is her sub-ruler; knowledge-seeking, seeing things from a higher perspective, and being a positive light in the lives of others rings true for this type of Leo Lady.

She believes in herself, and others with raw faith; to the point that you start to wonder how? Somebody could remain so positive and hopeful enough to take risks, follow their dreams, and be crazy enough to stand out from the crowd — this lady lioness doesn’t care what people think.

She free-spirited with a heart rare as gold; never rusting on people, no matter what. She endures for as long as it takes, as long as the blood’s pumping through her veins; she’ll fight until her very last breath for a higher cause for the less fortunate.

Leo Decan 3: She Who Slays With Fire

The Third Leo Decan is born between 20-30 degrees of Leo. Here the co-ruler is Mars. This Leo lass has a Leo-Aries vibe about her. Bold, passionate and takes no bullshit. She can be stubborn to the point you’d somewhat agree than fight with a woman that has horns made out of steel. The Egyptian goddess I chose for this type of Leo is Sekmet; sister of Bastet. They called her by many names, usually ones that mean power and authority; precisely what this woman stands for.

Being ruled by so much fire is like the Sun giving birth to a volcano, it’s one fiery combination. Thick and explosive!. She can transmute her power and channel it towards her goals, best believe that when she wants something, she gets it. It’s often the reason why she is an achiever, no matter what her goals are in life, she’ll always reach the top of the mountain regardless of the storms.

Loyalty, Royalty and Power are the keywords for this Leo Queen. She expects undying loyalty because she is loyal and honourable. She sticks to her word as a true queen would, and expects the same treatment from everyone. Betray her, and she won’t hesitate to cut you off. Fire can be as cold as ice too—boiling beneath a dormant volcano awaits patient lava.

She has sex appeal; like a sexy red velvet glove. Blame mars its influence is strong, making her similar to a Scorpio( Mars was Scorpios old ruler). This woman has something; you cannot quite put your finger on. I know what mars brings to the table, I have strong mars placements in (Scorpio and 8th house), and I’m familiar with its power that’s why I named this Leo Decan The Lady Who Slays With Fire; Because She Slays!

You’ll either love this woman or butts heads with her. She probably won’t lose much sleep over it either. She’s like a cuddly kitten, but you wouldn’t know because she roars like a lioness protecting her pride. Please don’t mess with her family! She will not hesitate to conjure up the entire underworld by placing a bounty for just a drop of your blood.

If your not the type of person that isn’t afraid of sugar-coated truths, then this is the woman for you. She doesn’t tip-toe around the elephant in the room; she stands on its tail and makes it scream! Love her or hate her, she’ll never change to please anyone; she has plans, and they don’t require permission from haters to achieve her dreams. I guess this is why she arouses such strong feelings because she lives her life her way, while many follow everyone else’s. Read this in-depth guide which explains what happens when you hurt a Leo woman.

by Leisharn Gregory

Hi, my name is Leisharn Gregory. I'm a writer under the pseudonym of Liem. You can find my poetry under liem the writer on Instagram, and Facebook. I’m an Australian Indigenous (Kija) woman with Japanese, Melanesian, Irish, Swiss, and English heritage. I was born in Western Australia. My interests are in writing, poetry and creative arts. I'm an aspiring astrologer who is studying for my Diploma in Astrology. I have always been fascinated by the stars and the interconnectedness of everything we do. I believe that each person has an individual path to success and happiness and that it's important to be kind, courageous, hard-working and positive.

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