Meet Klara Foldys- Founder of  The Weaver’s Kinship

Can you share with us the pivotal moments or experiences that led you to transition from a traditional designer to a transformational coach and energy healer?

When I finished my design degree, I was committed to become a success in the industry. I saw potential wherever I looked, and my dedication to aesthetics was huge – but then I started working as a designer, and the reality of the design world came crushing down on me. There was no room for visionary thinking or change making: all I could see was agencies frantically working long hours to make ends meet, to make money faster, to help clients manipulate theirclients into buying through clever design. I felt disillusioned, and I felt shame for having been so naive. This was how the world worked, it seemed, and there was no choice but to push through, and become part of the systems that is so clearly flawed and broken. And it broke me, too. My body rebelled. I kept working anyway – until I literally couldn’t move the mouse anymore, my shoulders so stiff, tense and in pain, that was forced to stop. Questioning not just my own life, but our collective endeavours as well, I stumbled into the coaching world, signed up for an introduction into transformational coaching without knowing what to expect, and I was instantly hooked: I found a place where positive change and transition were at the forefront of thinking. A whole new journey began.

What drew you towards exploring spiritual practices and mysticism in your journey? Was there a specific event or realization that sparked this exploration?

I was one of those kids that had a really strong connection to mystic living – without being aware of it. I grew up in a highly rationality-focused, atheist household, but mystical experiences, including a deep, reciprocal relationship with nature, were a part of my life that I never truly questioned until I got older and more deeply hooked into the logical mind. Yet, those synchronicities, those experiences – they were too meaningful to be ignored: like the out-of-body experience I had as a teenager, where by experimental intention I managed to leave my physical form and gazed down upon myself, then the house, eventually the planet, before shooting back, finding myself dizzy and nauseous on the sofa, utterly shocked and confused by what just happened. I was opened up for the existence worlds, experiences, and aspects of life out there that went far beyond what I was being taught at school.

How do you integrate your background in design with your current work in coaching and energy healing? Can you walk us through how these seemingly disparate fields intersect in your practice?

I came to realise that my main field of interest in design – branding – is one of the pillars of business that desperately needs changing if we desire to create an economy that actually serves life, rather than depleting it. Through my training in Human Design, my exploration of the Gene Keys, and learning a variety of energy healing modalities, I discovered an access point that allows a beautiful merging of branding and spiritual practice. I realised that when a mystical entrepreneur’s soul mission is represented by their business, and their work is part of who they are, their brand cannot be created by traditional means of market analysis, and following industry standards and rules. Their brand needs to evolve as an emanation of their soul essence, which requires deep listening, and deep understanding of who they are at their core. The journey of creating a brand and designing a brand identity for a business that is a vessel for someone’s soul mission is also a journey deep into their purpose and into their heart. It is not just a process of making their vision visible for the world, but for their human selves as well – it becomes an anchor of remembrance of who they truly are, and what they came to this planet to be and do.

Reflecting on your journey, what were some of the biggest challenges you faced during your transition and as you merged these worlds of branding and mysticism?

The biggest challenge was and is to be present in both worlds. I don’t think it’s useful to completely ditch the strategic side of things, so it’s always about keeping the balance alive between what resides more in the realms of feminine energies and mysticism, and the masculine structures and systems that hold everything in place. Another challenge was that “soulful branding” had become a trend, and it’s wildly important to be discerning regarding what is actually soulful work, and where these words are used as a marketing gag only. Furthermore, it is a fine line to walk when it comes to bringing the sacredness of mystic work into the realms of a capitalistic system – I believe that we do need to change the systems from the inside out, and that bringing mystical aspects into them is one of the core aspects of co-creating change, but it’s so important to not loose track and commodify mystical power.

Can you share a particularly impactful or transformative experience you’ve had while working with a client or within your own personal development journey?

Regarding my client work, it’s been so fascinating to me that the branding aspect of the journey is the main goal we start out with, but it ends up being a lovely “side-effect” of a deep soul-exploration and mission-refinement. It has been truly transformative to see how this work is not something that I deliver or construct on the mental plane, but rather that it is something I am a vessel for. Being with a client in deep listening and finding myself being spoken through in response to their explorations is such a humbling and beautiful experience, deepening my trust in life and in the vast intelligence that flows through all that is.

What inspires you to continue weaving together the realms of business and soulfulness, despite any obstacles or skepticism you may encounter?

The big dream of a future where business is truly soulful never lets me go. I can sense and feel the potential of this dream coming true deep in my bones, and it keeps me going day after day. Imagine a world where business works differently. Where it’s not about infinite growth, sales figures and revenue numbers, but about truth, the wellbeing of the individual as well as the collective of the human and non-human world. A creative expansion into a new paradigm of being alive. A world where a business is not just a capitalist piece of machinery, but a vessel for soul. In that kind of world, where business is an expression of soulfulness, how would business be able to harm life? When business springs forth from soul, and the interconnectedness of all things is a given, an economy that exists in service of life comes into being. Of course, this is a big and wild dream, and it feels very far away from the reality we live in right now – but dreaming it without knowing the answers to the many questions about how to possibly get there is enough to keep the spark alive, and living the question becomes the answer.

How do you maintain balance and alignment between the mundane aspects of your work and the deeper, more mystical elements you incorporate?

In every moment, I feel into what’s needed to fit in with the transitionary moment of the now. Is this a moment where we go and work on the inner planes? Or is it time to look at the nitty-gritty in the outer world? Do we need to work in the realms of energy right now, or do we actually need to dig into the structures that are present right now and figure out a way of working within them without succumbing to their rules,so much so we loose track of our commitment to creating a new path?

Have there been moments where you’ve doubted your path or felt uncertain about the direction you were heading? How did you navigate through those moments?

Absolutely, and these moments still occur, as I believe they do for all mystics forging a new path. For me, it’s such a core aspect to hold on to believing in our species’ potential for change and betterment. There are moments when I feel overwhelmed, and feel anxiety creeping up, questions racing through my mind: what if I am wrong, and there is no hope? What if I am just naive and crazy to dream this big? What if I made a wrong choice, and the safe bet would’ve been to buckle up and bow down to hustle culture, following the status quo? When these questions arise, and I track their truthfulness in my body, I can sense what’s real and what isn’t. When I feel into the depth of my being, the inner knowing of them not being true is strong enough to pull me out – but it’s important to know that this inner knowing is not normally loud and shouty (like those fearful thoughts are), but more like a quiet rock at the bottom of my inner ocean that radiates a sense of peace, trust, and devotion.

What advice would you give to someone who feels drawn to explore their mystic nature but may be hesitant or unsure where to begin?

Begin with the questions. Start with seeing them not as problems to be solved, but as alternative realms of existence to be explored. Questions aren’t a threat – they are safe havens of ideation and imagination. Can you open your mind to dare asking wild and visionary questions? Can you let go of the fear of being judged for daring to ask what else is possible? Can you live the questions, rather than pursuing the answers, no matter how paradoxical and unusual they are? What if life doesn’t require an answer – but an ever-evolving, vast and beautiful question to be lived?

Looking ahead, what are your hopes and aspirations for The Weaver’s Kinship and the impact you aim to make in the world through your work?

The Weaver’s Kinship, my studio of mystic expression, lives at the threshold of mystic business and poetic living. My aspiration for it is to be a safe haven for modern mystics who traverse the liminal spaces between the mundane and the magical, the old and the new worlds, dreaming a new way of doing business and being human on this Earth into being. Aside from helping mystics to find and express their brand and soul mission through the vessel of their business, and holding space for their unfolding and deep connections in my Mystic Living membership, I aspire for The Weaver’s Kinship to become a true temple of mystic joy that helps to root the importance and value of a mystical, poetical connection to life into the everyday. My aim is to re-introduce the power of the mystic mind and of a mystical approach to being alive and doing business, so that we move away from a disconnected world, towards a new path of living in alignment with nature, as nature, connected to the soulfulness of being and working in service of life.

You can find more of Klara’s work here:

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