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Not Serious

It’s not that serious

But it is

But it’s not

But it is

But it’s not…

You feel this way, that’s serious enough

But it’s not

But it is

When I play my violin it’s not this never-ending train other people are stuck on

It’s just a sense of relief

That’s serious

But it’s not

It’s not the same

It doesn’t have to be, it’s still serious

You throw up…that’s serious

Is it though? Because it doesn’t feel like that

It doesn’t feel as crippling as others describe


I sweat when I speak

I throw up at the thought

I cry at the awkwardness

I stress over the thinking

I feel dramatic and attention seeking because it doesn’t feel serious

I don’t think it’s as weird as it seems…but I don’t think I can get pass

I don’t feel much

I feel everything


It’s really not that serious

by Alyssa Henry

I graduated college with a degree in creative writer. I am now working my way into publishing. I'm a Feminist. Being able to write for and read a magazine focused around women is amazing! I have had three pieces published so far and I hope to do more and be helpful for someone looking for the right direction or someone to relate to.

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