Poetry & Art

Ode to Dancing

When the music reaches my ears

The heightening boom of sound activates my body with movement

The rhythm washes over me

Like the ocean tide on sand

Every new day feels like the first

And our relationship is given a rebirth

And I feel the need to get to know you

As I would a new friend


I show you off when my arm does a wave

When my torso moves from place to place

When I roll my body and circle my waist

When my legs kick up in the air

You are my escape, my true love

You are the language that my body is meant to speak

You are the poetry to my dancing feet

Whenever days get hard, you take over my soul and heal me

by Akira Johnson

She is a storyteller and artist in more ways than one. She is a woman who has found that the only way she can truly express herself is through poetic wording, and that's how she prefers it.


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