Poetry & Art

Scene in Time

Standing alone,

the air thick.

Almost sticky

No real resistance

Soda crackers

Variety of peanut butter

Odd things to notice,

Almost as odd as the dish liquid next to the flour tortillas

People move in and out.

Number 34!!

Hot sausage and peppers sandwich

The television is spinning.

One earthquake

Politically charged debates.

The door chimes.

People still move in and out.

The paper crinkles before it falls into the trash.

Scratching off the lottery numbers

He is.

Rustling through the nameless packages of diapers

She is.



It is the cashier, man in a green Adidas jacket.

Gold watch glistening on his wrist, that strikes the most observation.

Face mostly expressionless, voice always even keeled.

He tells the mom the diapers are free.

She insists she pay, searching for change.

He waves her off.

Number 35!!

Hot sausage and peppers sandwich

A man, dressed in worn jeans and a worn orange construction shirt reaches.

The cashier says drink and chips for free.

The door chimes.

People move in and out.


Behind the scenes

by Kristina Hopper

Self published author;
Dream Seeker;
Art Curator;


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