Something out of reach


Something out of Reach

I tried to grab it, I lost my grip
It fell out of my future out of my hand
Let’s see where should I begin
I ran but then I fell
Landed in a wishing well
Threw a coin in
Made a wish
Open my eyes
And just stared
I was out of reach to someone who cared
I was spared, spared my feelings
My wounds, still needed healing
From the past
Reaching for something, that would last
I reached for determination
I reached for dreams
I reached for goals
I reached for everything in my control
And something believe me
It was time to go, time to reflect
It was time to find respect
That was given to me as a person
I was reaching
For a discussion, a conversation I was trying to speak
When somethings became out of reach

Written by: Concetta Hardnett


by MissChettaPoetic

The Voice behind the pen
The pen and the paper
The paper and the pen
You can rewrite your story
From the beginning to the end
Erase it , rough draft
Direct your path
Who can explain the pen better
Than Ms. Concetta


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