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My pothos has grown new leaves;
they tightly emerge from the vine
and unfold with a glossy green surface
that catches the sunlight. Always in my
line of sight, I don’t even notice.

I’m praying that the growth
I’m experiencing is the same–
unnoticed to me, because I’m so
close to it, because I’m living it; and
while there’s no great contrast,
it’s steady.

by Regan Miller

Regan Noelle Smith is a writer, speaker, and poet based in Columbus, Ohio. Regan is often deep in thought, scribbling digital illustrations, and sharing her introspective and inspiring words through poetry readings, her Instagram page, and weekly emails.

Through her past history of mental illness and drug abuse, Regan has found that poetry, and connecting with others through vulnerability, has been a large part of her personal healing and restoration. Because of this, she’s made it her mission to inspire and empower women to self-reflect, find healing, and grow through poetry–whether they are the readers, or the writers.

Regan has authored the poetry collections Morning Air, Morning Light and Cloudland: the secret land that only I can see.


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