Mental Wellness

Struggling With Believing In Myself

No matter what I set to do, I tend to feel inadequate or “not good enough”. Some of it is stemmed from bullying and a little low self esteem. As human beings, we tend to look at ourselves wrong kind of lens. We create the perception of who we are.

I have to remember that I am good enough because there is something deep in my heart that beats deeply and feel without question. The faults don’t matter and the only thing that matters is that you have a heart.

The heart is stronger than your past. The heart is stronger than your doubt. Your heart is stronger than your mistakes and the negativity. The heart is strong! Resilient and ability to love.

We are “good enough”.

by Mellyssa Diggs

I am a nerd, I cosplay, and sometimes make music. I am the founder of Ai-Konic Graphics and finds passion in creating visual stuff.


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