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How did I shrink? A five foot five golden skinned woman who could carry the world. How did I shrink? A loud mouthed lion, a Medusa to modern men, a fearless dancer. How did I shrink? How did I let you take my pride from me, my voice from me, my strength from me, my peace from me? I traded in my Amazonian armor for the black and broken tortoise shell, where you kept me. My shoulders bent and curved, my body left to wither, I slept but I never rested.


How did I shrink? I was silent, I was good, I was careful to never leave blood on the eggshells you laid out for me to walk on. How did I shrink? I waited days, months, years, for the darkness to turn into something lighter. I waited for it to creep out of you forever, but in turn it just crept into me and I became small.


How did I grow? I said no, I prayed, I cried. I lifted my head for the first time and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I trusted myself, and I let all the broken pieces break away, leaving only the vulnerable parts that would regrow. I shut out your voice, and turned up my own, I screamed. My vision came back, my hair came back, my skin and bones healed fresh. My shoulders straightened and I could one again hear my own footsteps on the ground. Resilient like a dandelion, I grew back into my former self. Deeply rooted in the past grow the flowers of the future, and they are tall.



by Amahlia Perry-Farr

Amahlia is a 29 year old writer from Lexington Kentucky, but she has lived in Chicago for 3 years now. Although Amahlia considers herself a poet and a creative writer, she has been published academically and enjoys writing pieces about social activism as well. After spending many years traveling and moving around the United States, Amahlia has loved being settled in Chicago and feels like the city has a lot to offer her as a person and as an artist. In the upcoming year, Amahlia hopes to publish more of her poetry as well as to share other types of her work as well. Stay tuned!

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