Teenage Mom: The Other Role of The Older Sister

Growing up as an older sister, I learned that this role comes with a lot of responsibility. From a very young age, you may have taken on the responsibility of caring for your siblings, helping them with their needs and taking care of them when your parents were away. 

Being a big sister can be rewarding, but also very difficult. I often found myself sacrificing my own childhood and adolescence to meet their needs. It’s the eldest daughter syndrome: the unofficial, unpaid role of managing the family dynamic, imposed on women from a young age.  

While I love my sister dearly and would do anything for her, I can’t help but feel a sense of resentment towards my parents for placing such a heavy burden on me at such a young age. Nonetheless, taking care of my sister was one of the most important responsibilities that I had as a big sister. From changing diapers and feeding her as a baby, to helping her with her homework and providing emotional support as she grew older, I did everything I could to ensure her well-being.

As the older daughter, you may also feel the need to protect your siblings from the outside world. This is especially true if you have younger siblings who are vulnerable and impressionable. As someone who grew up in a toxic environment, I felt it was my duty to provide my sister with the love and support that I had never received.

However, this often meant putting my own needs and desires on hold. This often caused me to grow up faster than my peers and take on adult responsibilities at a young age. The emotional toll of being a “mom” figure to my siblings was also significant. While it was gratifying to watch them thrive and grow, dealing with their behavioral issues and emotional needs was often emotionally draining. After all, I was a child playing mother to another child.

In conclusion, being a big sister is a unique and valuable experience that comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. It’s crucial to recognize the sacrifices that come with the role and take care of yourself as well. Although it can be difficult at times, being a caregiver and role model for younger siblings can also be incredibly fulfilling. I may have missed out on certain aspects of my childhood, but I wouldn’t trade my sister for anything in the world. She is the most important person in my life, and I would do anything to ensure her happiness and well-being.

by vania vela

Vania Vela's lifelong love affair with books began in her childhood, and it has since blossomed into an all-encompassing passion that fuels her every day. With a burning desire to share her own stories with the world, she is now wholeheartedly pursuing her dream of becoming a self-published author while gracefully juggling the responsibilities that come with adulthood.

Not content with confining her creativity to her own works, Vania also contributes her talents as a staff writer for the esteemed literary website, Write Through The Night (writethroughthenight.com/). There, she showcases her gift for words, captivating readers.


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