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The Herbal Juices to Drink When Coping with Anxiety

All of us get anxious and freak out at some points when we worry about things. You wish for relaxation when your heart beats faster, and you have trouble breathing. Such is the time when your mind starts to wonder whether you will make it. This is what psychologists like to call anxiety. It’s the feeling of dread, fear, and the constant thoughts of impending doom. When it gets worse, it can lead to serious mental disorders.

To clear misconceptions, anxiety is not depression. There are many suggestions and recommendations that various people have when it comes to dealing with anxiety. Sadly, most would ignorantly tell you to resort to heavy medications. Although if you don’t have any other way out, it could be a viable solution. However, you should turn to herbal remedies before you switch to heavy medicines. Here are a few herbal juices you should drink when you’re trying to cope with anxiety:

Chamomile Tea:

One of the most famous herbal remedies since ancient times is chamomile tea. With its origins in Europe, chamomile tea is widely used to treat insomnia, stress, and severe anxiety. It’s famous for its effects that instantly put you to sleep and allow you to rest easy. This herbal remedy picked up fame when local doctors discovered the chamomile flower’s effects. This is also where they realized that the dosage in which you intake this tea is limited. You can’t give a high dose of chamomile tea to someone to treat severe symptoms. The chances are that it may get worse. This is exactly like expecting the red dragon kratom effects to increase with each use. You just need a little bit to treat yourself.

The reason for the soothing effects of chamomile tea is largely because it increases levels of serotonin and melatonin.

Valerian Root Tea:

This tea comprises roots from valerian plants that aren’t famous for their sense of aroma. However, the effects of valerian root tea are impeccable when dealing with stress and anxiety.

The logic behind various pharmaceutical products like Xanax and valium is that they increase the GABA quantity in the brain. This is the compound that aims to calm us down when we’re having an anxiety attack. Furthermore, the GABA compound also regulates the nervous system.

Taking a cup of valerian root tea before heading to sleep can calm the mind down and allow for peaceful rest. The valerenol and valerenic acids inside the roots will play their part in reducing your overall stress.

Oat Straw Drink:

Oat straw consists primarily of green oats. Many pharmaceutical products use green oats as their primary ingredient. This is because this herbal element calms the mind down by increasing the alpha-2 brain waves. Also, adding to the effects of calmness is the ability of the green oats to increase levels of nitric oxide. To put it simply, the various effects of green oats allow the brain to have more regulated blood flow. As a result, the brain experiences more calmness and enters a stress-free state.

One of the important things about green oats is that their intake needs to be continuous and regular. As with almost every other remedy, you can’t just take it one time and hope to see lasting effects. Only with persistence and regularity will you be able to achieve the best results.

Fruit and Vegetable Juice:

Although this may seem like an umbrella term, it does cover everything you need to understand. Fruits and vegetables are the most natural remedies and foods that are in no way harmful. Although not all of them might taste sweet or ideally sour, they all certainly have great beneficial characteristics. Whether you take broccoli, bananas, apples, cabbages, spinach, oranges, or mix a combination up, you need to ensure that you’re not compromising your green intake. Eating green is not only great for your emotional health, but it’s also great for your physical health. Just like the White horn kratom, you can be sure that fruits and vegetables will bring you good health.

The famous saying goes, “You are what you eat”. You can try to deny this as much as you want, but unless you feed yourself something healthy, you can’t be healthy. According to a study, you need at least 3,000 mg of vitamins in a single day to function properly. This amount of vitamins is necessary for your mind to make itself immune to stress and anxiety attacks.

People who consume less than the ideal amount of vitamins likely show symptoms of vulnerabilities. The reduced consumption is apparent in their inability to react appropriately to anxiety. An example of this can be how people lose their temperament in the face of even a little amount of stress that presents itself. Certainly, people who have adopted professions that deal with customers every day can’t afford to go on like this.


Try to go as green as you can. Contrary to common perception, herbal remedies are not a negation to scientific medicine. It’s just a priority to naturally occurring remedies. Experts recommend that you consult your physician, doctors, psychologists, etc. before taking herbal remedies. As for herbal juices, you can take any of the above in normal amounts without worrying about side effects.


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