The female Instagram community: #tinysquares of magic.


Writers, photographers, bakers.

Bloggers, stylists, content makers.

Working moms and stay-at-home moms.

And moms who fight sadness.

Women who choose not to be moms.

And women who take on the madness.

Fitness junkies, yoga gurus, poets who love to rhyme.

Interior designers making the world prettier one room makeover at a time.

She beat cancer.

She beat infertility.

She ran a marathon.

She fought her insecurities.

She’s celebrating her family.

She’s celebrating a new home.

She’s a 9-5er.

Or she’s a hippie who lives to roam.

That fashionista always sharing the perfectly picked outfit.

Or the women with no fashion sense who use

this community as an outlet.

Every time she adds a square she celebrates her life.

 A grid of boxes, one by one- each one bringing light.


So let’s always remember to celebrate every square.

A community of amazing women.

Each one with something to share.


Author: Cynthia Hansen
Email: cynthiahansenphoto@gmail.com
Author Bio: I’m a photographer and mama who celebrates little moments.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @forever_inbloom_ 



by Cynthia Hansen

I’m a photographer and mama who celebrates little moments.

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