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Good morning, gals and dolls! Welcome to… almost said, the podcast, but, we’re blogging…

Kay. Who else felt like The ACTUAL Joker this morning? Like, is this a joke or is this my life? (dusting on blush with brush) Okay. I feel that. I felt that. I do.

Most mornings, especially Monday’s, will have you feeling like an actual clown while you apply your makeup, wondering where you (actually) went wrong.

… nice long pause… as we both try to pin point that pivotal point. Anyways, the truth is you applied more than your make up.

You did.

You spent a lot of energy on creating your current point of reality. I know (long pause again), I don’t like it either. But, at one point, you sat up for hours perfecting your resume, writing the perfect cover letter and practicing your response to interview questions. Might even have thrown yourself an interview curve ball, JUST in case, they asked you about your childhood, you definitely needed to be ready with a funny classic Christmas card story. See, we’re already remembering that we’re all human, and we can change it at anytime so… let’s wake you up.

Life is a series of moments. Truth be told, they fleet. Far and few in between. Like the dancing leaves you missed on your way to work this morning, there’s a lot you’re not considering or even noticing most days. Example? Deciding to be in a bad mood before you even step your comfy shoes into the office, is not just a choice, but, a bad habit you picked up.

The good news? You can put your good attitude shoes on as easily as a cup of coffee hitting your desk.

Habits, people. Your in your habits. Your in your feels. And, you’re in your habits. What YOU bring to the day is your day, what you bring to the table is the f%cking table, what you do in the morning is your morning, (you see where this is going?). What you listen to, becomes you, who you talk to, can soothe or infuse you, your own actual vibrational alignment is YOU, boo, and THIS will make or break your day. Your own idea of how the day is going to run, is what actually makes or breaks your day. Your own thinking. Your own ideas. Your own way. Already paved. By your thoughts, not Larry’s thoughts. I know. This part is annoying because, Larry from work is the most annoying person in the world, but even HE is not the cause of your bad days.

Introducing today’s random topic: Don’t focus on the Larry’s. Focus your Gary’s.

Gratitude + Always + Raises + Your + Senses

1. Gratitude:

I know. I’m pretty sure your middle preschooler teacher has this poster on her wall, too. Anyways. I used to overlook positive hype, quotes, notes. It took me a second. Actually, it took me a hot minute to realize how important this is. I too, was grumpy before my cup of Joe.

But once I made a choice to not focus on the “Larry’s” of the world  (major eye roll) and just simply BE the Gary’s, I was grateful. I was finally (emphasis on the finally) in a good mood. Without coffee. I know, craziness. But, I was GRATEFUL. For the little things. For the cup of coffee. For my car. For my sweater. For the one friend I had at work that wasn’t out to secretly destroy me (thank you pinecone). Sanity. In the insanity. What brings you peace? What brings you joy? What brings you happiness? It’s the always, always, always… the little things. You work? For your home. For your spouse. For your kids. For your clothes. The salad you get for lunch. Attitude. Sticks.

2. Always

The beauty of this method is you don’t need to try. Always. Never. Think.

I know, it’s like the opposite of what we do. Always is always happening. Before you think I’m one sentence away from a typo, always is always not. always is ALL WAYS. Always is possible. Always is always going to make or break your day. Always is always.

I know. So, don’t overthink it. Relax. Stop thinking. I’ll say it again, relax and stop thinking. Relax. Stop. Think… there ya go. How nice is that? It’s nice. Always. Never. Think. About. Period. You’re over-thinking me saying that. So relax, and STOP thinking. Always. All ways. Are possible. Always opens up possibility. Magic. Happiness.

Always always counts. You are doing it right now. Whatever you’re thinking, feeling, loving, hating is signaling your next encounter. Always be grateful. Always be happy. You simply cannot miss.

3. Raises

Everything you think is real, is real… for you. Every notice that the Larry’s of the world don’t win or don’t actually believe they will win? Even if they win and you’re like, “hey you won!” they’re still being a f$cking Larry. It’s a very Larry mood. But, everything raises.You get a raise. You get a raise. You get a raise. Saying that in a very Oprah way. The second you apply your energy to a specific thought, it’s already done. You get a raise. In your day. Whether you meant to or not. Whether it went up or down. Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.

Raise the GOOD. Capitalize on the simple, pure, good moments. It does not need to be monumental. Here’s the BEST part. You do not need to run Trump plaza to FEEL empowered. You just need to capitalize on the smaller items you are truly, soul level, grateful for, and it STICKS. The entire day.

Like, it’s stuck. You’re stuck now. (insert GIF) From the moment you get up, decide to be grateful. Decide to look for good. Decide to take challenging moments and infuse them with love and positive energy. Decide to have fun. Decide to be funny. Tell a joke. Laugh. Make a decision to capitalize on the smallest things in life. Your super soft carpet. Your silky bathrobe. The running warm water. Capitalizing on gratitude that is displayed all around you will begin to replicate in your life.

4. Your

Your. Life.

But it is (and will always be) up to YOU. I know, it’s the most Larry part of this. But, it’s all up to you and how you FEEL. You create your life. The job. The stress. The… no stress. What you envision. What you don’t envision. You get. It’s not traffic. It’s the thought you think about traffic before you’re on the road. I know, I’ll say it again so it STICKS. It is absolutely not the traffic.I know, keep trying to fight me. It is NOT the traffic. It’s the recycled memory of yesterday’s traffic THOUGHT bringing in today’s traffic. It’s not the traffic on the road, it’s the traffic in your mind.

I know. Relax. It’s going to be okay. Here’s how I know… you’ve made it this far in my article. First of all, like well done, and it takes time. It takes practice. It takes conscious choices. It takes slowing the F&CK down, slowing your role. So, this last tip? Slow down.

5. Senses

Slow your senses down to start using them. You are going so fast you’re not even paying attention. What are you using right now for senses? Eyes… translating…. English… thoughts… verbal?… are you reading this out loud? Probably not, but it takes sense. Your senses. To read this. Here we go, we’re going to flip you from left to right…

Impact. Coffee. Ninja kicks. Lipstick. Fire playlist. I know. Kick. Bang. Boom. Punch. We’re taught to WAKE UP. To grab coffee, and literally, physically, RUN.  Run, yell, push, AH! and run, and kick, and jump, and leap, and our day? is now all about impact.

Rushing. Grinding. Passed? Everything.

Let’s take it the house. Peace? Surrender? Relaxing? Thoughtfulness? Gratitude? Attitude? Is quiet.

No sound. It quiets down.

It’s in the dusk, the dawn. It’s in your senses. The quiet moments you get to yourself that you don’t even notice. The weird quiet moment that you’re like wait? what is that? And it’s gone. Like a ninja in the night. Your senses. Will. Stimulate. Positive. Energy. Positive. Flow. Where, You, Just, Surrender To Knowing. You Just KNOW. Not “Think,” Know.

You trust, that it is ALL good. Here and now.

So? Relax to wake up. Breathe to see. Move to feel. Speak to heal. Use your senses to come alive again. Get off your auto-pilot, traffic, I need coffee, kids are as$holes today MODE, and LOOK around at your NEW day.

What’s around you? What can you see? What can you touch? Tell me what’s happening for you right now? Right now? Not yesterday. Now. Have you even looked around today? Let’s start doing that again.

Because in the end, what you think, what you truly feel, to be real in your heart for you… is true.

Smell. Taste. Touch. Helps You Not Rush. Sight. Hear. Listen. Helps You See With CLEAR Vision.

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