Poetry & Art

Today is…

“Today” is a word that I have no meaning to put into it

Because today is the day that I confess I don’t even know anything

Cause life is just a cycle of confusion

A never ending need to understand things that

Don’t even have meanings

But we put one to them

We conjure up our own meanings and tell the world that

Today is the day I decide what this thing is here for and why we need it

I have no idea what else to say about this topic

Except that

It has no meaning

But I’ve travelled to the deepest parts of myself

And lifted the one idea that made sense to me to tell everyone that

Today is the day I put a meaning to my own life

Today is the day I live with my own mind

Today is the day that I write

And draw

And sing

And dance

And enjoy my life to the fullest

So that I can put meanings to every experience I create for myself

Because I’m tired of living by others’ rules

by Akira Johnson

She is a storyteller and artist in more ways than one. She is a woman who has found that the only way she can truly express herself is through poetic wording, and that's how she prefers it.


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