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Someone told me I’m unfriendly. I struggle to understand why, but I’ve heard the reasons.

People perceive me as cold, especially when I meet new people for the first time. Despite that, I’m a girl who has tried multiple times to connect with others, only to be turned down.

Yes, someone told me I’m unfriendly, but they don’t know I’m also the most shy and anxious girl, grappling with how to deal with my fears and emotions.

People may see me as stuck up, but I’m also a girl who has been made fun of for being different and having unique dreams—considered too much, not normal.

My vision of reality might be twisted, yet I was taught that everything I dream, I can achieve.

Sometimes, I have to be stronger than I ever thought I could.

People might perceive me as having an arrogant attitude, but the truth is, I’m not taken seriously. I have to constantly prove myself and work harder to secure any opportunity.

It’s a form of protection, setting boundaries.

My heart breaks because, even though I have to wear this armor, the fragile girl still resides within—someone who is not unfriendly but undeniably strong.


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