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We Will Not Be Silent

I had no idea the quagmire of emotions I would be stepping into when I clocked out of work last night. I got home and checked my social media before bed as I normally do, only to be drowning in posts about the supreme court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Now I’m not entirely too shocked when I heard the news, but I was angry and overwhelmed. I was upset and I didn’t know how to process everything I was feeling. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I knew that they were always trying to take that right away from us, but I didn’t actually believe they were going to succeed.

They don’t care about those who are going to suffer the most from this. They don’t have to worry. Because they’re not poor and because they don’t have to adhere to the laws they put upon the necks of their citizens, they’re going to be able to get abortions if they need or want one. Money is no object to them.

Everyone else is going to suffer for the “greater” good.  A law that hurts one citizen is not a good law. There is no such thing as the greater good. Hurting one person is one person too much.

Whatever happened to separation between church and state? Not everyone is Christian nor do all Christians share the same beliefs and views.

I don’t know why people think that this is a good idea or that it’s going to help increase birthrates. All it’s going to do is cause more people to die because they no longer have access to safe healthcare. All it is going to do is open up the door for them to take away more of our rights.

Because they’re not going to stop at abortion.

I’m going to need everyone especially cis men to step up and fight for and with us because we cannot remain silent. We cannot allow them to strip us of our dignity, our rights, and our lives! Silence is violence, we need to hear your voices, too!


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